Russian leaders have declared that they want Ukraine to become part of Russia.Why would they want this to happ

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    Interesting answers, but only partially true.

    First, the corrections... most Ukrainians (East and West) speak Ukrainian. Eastern Ukraine speaks Russian fluent, while Western Ukraine speaks Ukrainian fluent. They all speak Russian, but you will find few people speaking it in Western Ukraine.

    As to the nuclear warheads and nuclear scientists.. again, not totally true. Most Soviet warheads were removed to Russia or dismantled as part of the nuclear non-poliferation treaties. Yes, there are still some, but not as many as one poster would have us believe. There are also many fine nuclear scientists in Russia and the other CIS countries.

    And as to the "lack of resources to export"... and anyone who's lived in Ukraine knows Electricity isn't all that plentiful all of the time :P

    The reasons Russia wants Ukraine is complex.

    First, Ukraine is the "breadbasket" of Russia. They grow a vast majority of the food products consumed in the region, as Russia has significant replublics with poor soil and agriculture. Ukraine is extremely fertile, and produces considerable exports in food.

    Second, Ukraine is stratigic in the deployment of Russian natural gas to the EU. The options to "owning" Ukraine are a) run pipelines under the sea by Sweden, and risk anger and/or payment to the Swedes, or b) continue to let Ukraine and Belarus control the pipelines... and Ukranie is well known for "stealing" a great amount of Russian gas for their own use and sale.

    Third, Ukrainians and Russians are historic "brothers". When you consider the Eastern and Southern Ukrainians have a high Russian ancestry, it is clear why they themselves wish unification with Russia (or at least closer ties than with the West, as Western Ukraine has developed).

    Fouth, Russia is not very comfortable having an "American ally" sitting in the back yard. Western Ukraine is very pro-American in it's views.

    There are many other socio-economic reasons Russia would like closer ties with Ukraine.

    Ukraine itself struggles politically right now because a large portion of the people/politicians believe that life was much better under Russian "oversight", and that America (yes, we get credit) has ruined their country and created worse poverty. Having control of a loyal population is of great benefit to Russia.

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    Ukraine has a wealth of power stations due to its location on water, not to mention the fact that a huge number of nuclear warheads are still located there from the Cold War and the USSR era. The country has always been considered a part of the Russian cultural bloc, and while it has its own language, few people still speak it as a first language. The biggest concern is a security problem. Given the relative lack of exportable resources (besides electricty and grain, there is not much), and the terrorism in the world, the only quick cash asset the country has is its wealth of nuclear scientists and weapons-grade uranium. There is a great concern that these are both being exported under black market terms, and sold to terrorist organizations and rogue nations. It would probably be a mutually beneficial union, but Ukranian nationalism has been on the rise since the dissolution of the USSR, so it is highly unlikely now that the people of the Ukraine are forming a separate national identity again.

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    Ukraine has been the part of Russia much longer then from Soviet Union times. Part by part it was taken back from polish invaders from 16th til early 18th century. Historically Kiev was a capital of Rus since 10th century until it was ruined in Mongolian invasion.

    The saying that Ukraine and Russia has been brothers for centuries in not only rhitorical. Lots of families are mixed, lots of ukrainians are living in Russia and russians living in Ukraine, you can't really draw the line between the people.

    Very important part of Ukraine - Cremia, became a part of Ukraine only in 1960's as a gift from Soviet Leader Hrushev (he was ukrainian himself) to Ukrainian Soviet Republic.

    What i personally believe it that Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia need to be together, not because of USA or whatever, simply because people really want it. Remind the anti-NATO protests in Cremia last summer.

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    that is a race to get the missile protection structures in position with those who oppose the Russian bear. Russia will pursue protection rigidity intervention and para protection rigidity skill, and the U.S. and Israel will search for to contain Russian aggression via using missile batteries for NATO leaning international places and NATO international places. that is consequently Russia is appearing this kind, they don't decide on to be contained via missiles pointing at their air superiority of their very personal outdoor. this can be exciting very quickly. immediately the Ukraine is getting the shortcoming of life stare from Moscow and Ukraine isn't backing down, neither is Poland. My view is that Russia can win battles yet will again, not win the conflict. they could't keep up administration over u . s . a . states who not decide on to be less than their administration, now that they have very nearly 2 generations who've stood on the proverbial rock with the left foot on freedom and the right on duty. it will be to Russia's lack of life in the journey that they proceed in this route. The bear will die from 1000 cuts.

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    Because they want the old fashion way. They love the concept of old Soviet Union.

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    We dont care so much about it, the thing is not to enter Europe. Immagine they concurred Europe and we have problems with them...If they enter as member what we ll do?

    Better to be where they are ok?

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    The mystery writer is oh so right....LONG LIVE UKRAINE!!

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