would having damage to the oil pan significantly decrease the value of my car?

1991 honda accord lx

2 door automatic with 175,000 miles

im trying to sell my car for 2700 and the buyer said that he doesn't want it because of the oil pan damage and leak and would only buy it if i lowered the price or fixed it.

the value of my car on kelly blue book is


i have new paint, new tires, new alarm, new brakes, and the main concern to the buyer is the oil pan


he found out about the damage cause he works at this oil change place and i took the car there to let him check it out

and a lot of the mechanics were saying i was selling the car for too much, even thought its a decent price for my car

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    The oil pan and gasket is only about $150.00 to buy. The problem is to replace your oil pan generally requires you to take the engine off the motor mounts, remove the tranny, and jack it up high enough to slide the oil pan off where the oil pump draw tube is near the bottom. Labor if you have someone else do it is likely to be $300 to $400.00.

    If you do it yourself, you'll have to have a cherry picker or at least a nice hydraulic jack to raise the engine, something to hold the tranny in place and a couple of friends to drink beer and laugh at you while you curse when you're doing it.

    Leaky damaged oil pans are like wives that cheat on you. You can't keep them around...you have to replace them and no one else wants them.

    Source(s): 25 years in the garage screwing with foreign cars.
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    From the buyer's side,

    could the damaged pan alter oil flow in the engine and damage the engine?

    I assume if the damage to the pan was enough it could have impacted part of the engine


    First guy was correct, fix it I assume the cost is not that much if wrong cover it with old oil and dirt maybe no one will notice.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He's most likely just trying to knock the price down.

    How bad is it damaged if it's only a small dent all that needs done is to put a new seal on it to stop the leak. If its bad you can most likely get another one from a salvage yard clean it up and put a new seal on it problem fixed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    At worst you can get a replacement pan from a wreckers yard.

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    LOL.. listen, just humor the guy and fix it!

    First impressions are a b*tch! If he sees something wrong with it at first sight he might think there's other things wrong.

    How did he know anyway? Did you tell him?

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