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Now that we are experiencing record cold, has the global warming hoax fizzled?

This cold spell more than cancels out, the few weeks of warm weather we had earlier. Al is laughing all the way to the bank.

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    Once again, if you believe that the current temperature has direct relevance to global warming, you don't know enough about global warming to merit an opinion.

    These extreme shifts are expected and even predicted by the model.

    Global warming refers to average warming over time. It does not refer to the temperature in your town today.

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    Finally! Someone who doesn't believe in Global Warming. While your right, you are also somewhat uninformed. (No offense.)

    To those of you who think differently, Global warming is a myth. And I'm not just going to say, "Global warming isn't happening - deal with it." Here's some proof.

    When satellites measure the Earth's temperature, they get the same temperature. Remember, most people only observe a small area, and say that the whole world is warming up. (Or in your case, cooling down.) Also, studies show that the world was significantly hotter 200 years ago!

    While we may have an especially hot summer, (or cold winter) someone else might be having an especially cold winter (or hot summer). So you have to measure the whole Earth's temperature.

    It also serves for political hype. Politicians and such will mention things like they want to save the ozone and stop the polar ice caps from melting. Actually, some ice capes are melting, but others are steadily growing! Also, all those gases we put into the atmosphere, like some carbon monoxide, that keep in heat haven't made it hotter. We also put gases into the air that reflect light, and cool us down. We may have actually cooled the Earth!

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    We won't know until next year. The summer usually follows the winter in terms of extremes. The winter has been mild up to about two weeks ago.

    The climate generally takes a few years to determine a trend. That is why the data the global warming alarmists will show you won't include the datat after 2001, since that is when the current spike in the temperature trend peaked.

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    YES !!!!!! the whole idea is a hoax the real scientist and geologist have said it does not exist. All the time The one's crying about global warming are the guy's who getting the funding to shut them up and nothing more they receive allot of government money for doing nothing . Politic science is different from real science ,science can be proven unlike global warming its political science which real science can not prove because it dos not exist. They said in the 1970's we will all be in a frozen hell by the year 2000 and if they weer still fa mouse we could point and laugh the date keeps changing because the date judge by when the scientist plans on dieing which is not real science .

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    The theory isn't global warming anymore, its now called Climate Change. That's because humans are doing such a good job at screwing up the planet, tons of changes are happening at once. If we go on as usual, in about 100 year we will be fighting wars over fresh water.

    Source(s): Evedince that is literaly EVERYWERE.
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    Cold temperatures has nothing to do with global warming.

    Global warming is changes in the climate not the weather patterns. Global warming refers to the fact that the temperature of the Earth itself is warming. Have you not heard about the ice caps melting in the Arctic Regions.

    And yes, Al is laughing all the way to the bank because he worked hard to help his fellow man and he deserves recognition.

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    NO, the global warming tards are just claiming that some areas will get more cold and some more hot. Gee, kinda like when USA has winter, Australia has summer. Could that be global warming also, I wonder.

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    No. Some will say that the cold is actually caused by the global warming. Go figure.

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    Al Gore is a hoax. Global warming does not exist. We are in an El Nino year. This means that generally speaking, El Nino winters are more moderate. But you're right about one thing. All this record cold sure is keeping the global warming people quiet.

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    Are you joking?

    Very powerful individuals will ensure measures to combat Global Warming become multi-billion dollar businesses. Countries will be forced to change their policies, industries will have to buy CO2 emission credits.

    There's a lot of money to be made in this game. They're not going to just walk away from this cash cow.

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