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Where can I find cheap upper dentures?

They have to look at least okay,I would like to try to find something locally,if at all possiable.???

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    I am not near you but most areas have a lot of the same agencies that help low income families.

    I don't have dental insurance so found out about the local University School of Denistry, which here in Las Vegas, NV is UNLV .. they take your wages and determine how much you will pay per dental visit by what your yearly income is which ours is quite low because my husband is disabled with one leg amputated and only a third foot left on the opposite let due to progressing diabetes problems since being diagnosed in 1994. He gets only $1100.00 a month and because he has so many other health issues, I have to be here with him...so therefore, I have to pay 25% of whatever the dental charges are and I have just got upper dentures which were affordable to me because of the discount. It will be a licensed dentist that actually works on you but there could also be students that may be on the side line watching and or learning the different techniques that's being taught by the school. Hope this helps somewhat..you can call your local welfare office to get the low income information....BEST OF LUCK


    University of Las Vegas, NV


    University of Las Vegas, NV

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    Finding a dentist that makes dentures is not a problem. The cheapest dentures there are are removable where you take them off every time. I do not suggest you get them because the hurt they are often a nuisance to wear and give you speech problems. If this is a money issue then go ahead...fixed dentures or a fixed bridge are better alternatives. All dentures will "look" good but they may not feel good!

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    Tammy, you do not want cheap dentures. You want good dentures that work and fit well and look natural. When it comes to dentures you get what you pay for. There is a lot more to having dentures than just sticking them in your mouth.

    You may want to look into denture only type practices like Affordable Dentures. I have no personal experience with that type of practice so do your homework and try to get the best dentures that you can afford.


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    My family have dental benefits and a guy from my husband work heard about our dental benefits and signed up and got his dentures using there benefits.

    He told my husband at work that the company is saving him over a thousand dollars. I would check them out. There cheap!! Its $11.95 per month for an individual or $19.95 per month for an entire household. We also get Free Vision, Free Prescription and Free Chiropractic care with our dental benefits

    Good luck to ya

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