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relocating to Madison, WI for a job? worth it?

I'm a single black female - I was offered a job in Madison, WI. I'm from NJ. I have been doing web research without much luck, just business environment. I want to know about social aspect. are the race relations good there? what's whether like? is it worth relocating or too much of culture shock? also what's dating scene like?


plus do I need a car to live there?

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    It's probably the friendliest place for any sort of minority you could find. Famously liberal university town, but the state government plus a few industries (Oscar Mayer, in fact) leavens matters a bit. Restaurants are generally lousy, media are good, intellectual level exceedingly high, and most entertainment acts stop on their way through.

    It's certainly not New York City, but they at least know NYC exists. Milwaukee and Chicago are perfectly reasonable day trips, and most media are centered around Chicago. Cost of living is relatively low, but it gets good and cold in the winter. Though there is no shortage of sin available, this has the net effect of keeping some of the worst elements out of the area; those who wish to exist by hustling one thing or another on the beach usually stay away. Therefore crime is rather low, and you can generally walk one place or another without fear.

    There have been three black communities there for many years: an intellectual one for the university, the usual group of bureaucrats because the state capital is there, and a group of regular black people employed by banks, insurance companies, and the local manufacturing industries. Again, you're well within striking distance of Chicago and Milwaukee.

    I'd go: the East Coast will be there anyway, and the experience is broadening. See if you can get a mail subscription to the paper copy of the Capital Times and/or Wisconsin State Journal (I think they're both still in business) and look through these.

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    I agree with the previous answerer 2n2222 or whatever. I lived in Madison during part of the 70s and 80s and have since visited there regularly. It is a decent place to live with good race relations. You do need a car, though. Otherwise, you are bound to feel claustrophobic after a while.

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    It is a great place to live. The weather is nice in the spring, autumn, and summer, but bitterly cold in the winter. There will not be too much of a culture shock.

    Enjoy and good luck!

    P.S. You do not need a car in Madison, however, if you want to daytrip to Milwaukee or Chicago, you will need one.

    Source(s): Live in Milwaukee now, after living in Phoenix, Arizona; Paris, France; and Belize City, Belize.
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    It's a good place to live. Race relations are good. The university there has an international reputation and brings people from all over the world. At the same time, you also have that down-to-earth characteristics of the midwest.

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    You definitely choose a motor vehicle to stay there Madison grew to become into rabked as between the precise a hundred places to stay interior the U. S. in 2003 i don't be attentive to lots related to the relationship scene There do not look any racial tensions previous the occassional redneck you're able to have everywhere All in all a solid place to stay

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