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What is central nervous system depression?

In several MSDS files I have had to look up over the course of my two semesters of organic chemistry, I have noticed some chemicals that can cause central nervous system depression. I was curious if anybody knew exactly what this was? (I have an idea but am not sure)

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    The CNS (spinal cord and brain) is impaired and basically depressed, or slowed down. For example, acidosis (when there is too much acid in the blood because of carbon dioxide) depresses the CNS. This can lead to coma or death. Alcohol and cocaine depress the CNS also. Sensory, motor, and cognitive processing are impaired. Your reaction time (reflexes) can be lengthened.

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    CNS depression is a down-regulation of the autonomic functions normally performed by the CNS, such as thermoregulation, respiratory regulation, blood pressure regulation, etc. If you're wondering, the most immediately fatal consequence is respiratory failure.

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    OMG thats complex

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