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What are your thoughts on Bible Commentaries? Are there any online which address all Biblical verses?

Of course these are only human opinions of Biblical verses, but "can" be helpful similar to a concordance if the reader keeps instruction from God first and foremost. What are your opinions? Are there any online Bible Commentaries which address verses from all books of the Bible that you use?

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    If you are Spirit filled, when you read the commentaries, you will know if they are in-line with Scripture or not (for the most part). Some commentaries are no good and full of "human" perception of the Bible. The John MacArthur Commentaries are very good. I find that the commentaries on are pretty good.

    If you can, you should order a John MacArthur Study Bible.

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    I do not know about online. But I'll tell you what I do know, briefly.

    Some are only opinion.

    Some certainly are not.

    It amazes me, this accusation of "opinion".

    I can take a couple of weeks in preparation, study ONE section of scripture, go into the historical context, the language (hebrew or greek) usage, pore over what others have said, check my understanding against the whole of scripture for error, that is, to certain I am correct, and some person, after only hearing and reading the passage 3 minutes into bible study will say, "well, that's just your opinion.(or interpretation). AAAHHHH!!!

    We have all been saying the SAME thing for almost 2000 years. It's when someone arrives at something different that you should REALLY be on your guard.

    Use several commentraries if you must use them. Just be warned, some are written by individuals that are liberal, and it will reflect that. Some are written with a disbelief of miracles, and reflect that. Others are written from the ( different theology) you get the idea? Your honest to God best bet is to pore over it WITH a Pastor you know is competant.

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    My husband has many of them and loves them. He especially likes the commentaries by John Courson.

    And we have others on Daniel and Galatians and Revelation and Jude by H.A Ironside. And yes with spiritual discernment and the Holy Spirit teaching you, you should know what is biblical and what is not. John Courson is good, I promise! However many do see the scriptures on pre destination and those they say mean free will, differently---so that is one thing that if I come across it, I do know what it is speaking of, and that is only because God has revealed to me through reading of many scriptures on that subject. But that has always been a controversary with christians. I don't know why....

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