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How does one help fight Global Warming?

I really want to cooperate in the fight against global warming but i am faced with reality of also having to earn my keep. When are car companies gonna mass produce hybrid cars to make them cheaper? When will solar panels and wind turbines be cheap enough so that majority of office and homes will be able to use them? Lastly, when will America make a stand against carbon emissions from its factories and automobiles that has made the most damage to the ozone layer and has contributed much to global warming? Im willing to use alternative sources of energy if only they were affordable and are available in the market the way celphones and mp3 players are. What's your opinion on this matter?

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    If you want to make hybrid cars cheaper and more popular...THEN GO BUY ONE!!!! Here's the clue missed by almost every socialist tree hugger type in the world. If you want to promote alternative energies, then INVEST YOU OWN MONEY in companies that are working toward that goal. That's exactly how cell phones and mp3 players (and your parents' Walkmans) became popular and affordable.

    It's as simple as that. Buy their stock and buy their product...prove that you are willing to put your money and your lifestyle where your convictions are.

    By the way, hybrid cars only hit the market 4 years ago in the USA. That year we had one model available...this year there are four from Toyota alone, along with models from other companies. If you can't see the positive direction of the trend, then you're not paying attention. And, oh yeah, American car companies (with their continued emphasis on SUVs and powerful engines) are getting clobbered by Toyota. Gee, I wonder why?

    By the way, carbon dioxide emissions do not affect the ozone layer. That comment demonstrates ignorance in regard to the science of of global warming. Please educate yourself. (Unfortunately, such ignorance is typical.)

    Generally, as you might have guessed, my opinion is that you expect others to make the sacrifices necessary for your vision of what the world should be. Yeah, you'll go green...but only after enough other people go green so as to bring the cost down. However, I understand the reality of a green economy (it's not cheap), so I can forgive a bit of hypocrisy.

    And, lastly, yes, I do own a Toyota Prius. But, yeah, if I had more disposable income, I would consider installing some solar at the ol' homestead.

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    You can't.

    The problem here has to do with profit. Since capitalism has become the most widespread form of economic process, it's always going to be the cheaper route, even if that means sacrificing environmentally-protective measures. There are indeed government limitations in place for many parts of the world, but even in the strictest regions, there are still plenty of elements in society that contribute to a poor environment. Then, of course there are those regions where there is little or no control whatsoever over pollutants and the like.

    So will it get better? Most analysists will tell you that a change in social awareness will make that possible, or in overall global attitude towards the environment, or this-or-that. The reality is that such attitudes are not spontaneous, and do not come out of nowhere. As long as profit is in contrast with environmental concerns, the environment will be at the back of the proverbial bus.

    So will it *ever* change? As we improve certain technologies, and reduce manufacturing costs, perhaps. Now and then, there are indeed scientific developments that work towards a cleaner manufaturing process, or that discover a more directly harmful property of a chemical or material, leading to laws regulating or banning said material, but usually there are things done to the environment that not only disregard it, but seek to use it abusively.

    I'm not an eco-warrior. I'm neither Reuplican or Democrat. But I know that we are going to have more cancer and other medical complications and diseases in future generations, as humans, from pre-conception, to prenatal development, onto childhood and adult years, will be from the beginning exposed to higher toxins than ever before.

    We'll either adapt or perish. Conceivably, population increases could ensure that the hardy survive, whereas population decreases, combined with this global toxicity, could, in a few generations, move us towards sterility and thus extinction.

    Practical interstellar travel, a suitable colony world, and a thousand years of extra-terrestrial colonial development could indeed change this, illeviating the ecosphere on Earth, and balancing the human load. But there's a lot of BIG "if's" there, as we barely manage to get around the moon with human beings, and as far as we know for the moment, Earth is the only habitable planet, without the need of special manufactured environments like domes or mass-terraforming. Each of which we still lack the engineering resources to design much less construct.

    So space travel isn't a guarantee. But we sure won't find out at the rate we've been going.

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    it's going to be a major implementation and I doubt if we will see either the ozone collapse or the government taking any action to correct it during our lifetime.

    This will be a problem that every man woman and child will have to deal with simultaneously in order to have an impact because we all contribute to this problem and we are all going to have to do what we can to reverse it.

    Or there is always a possibility of a natural reversal through some miraculous space phenomenon that we are unaware of. Our Ozone layer could be replenishable no one knows for sure how it formed or what it would take to replenish it. But I'm sure that new information will come to light and hopefully we can reach an acceptable resolution to this because if not the consequences for future generations could be dire

    Go enjoy some fresh air while we still gots it.

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    they try "international warming" by an previous college socialist/communist concept of redistributing peoples wealth. you're taking from people who create wealth, who use a lot of potential and then the government redistributes that wealth to who else, the government. They then skim a lot off the best, waste much extra, and then turn around and spend the small factor this is left in places the voters will by no potential be attentive to approximately. it relatively is an elementary equation once you place it on paper, take from people who create wealth and supply it to those who do no longer. You shrink the quantity of potential used, to that end the carbon from that potential is decreased, to that end issue solved. we've defeated international warming by international poverty, international cooling, and useful proper governments.

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    Everyone cooperare and work together as whole world to fight against Global Warming.

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    There is no manmade global warming. Enjoy your life. Buy a diesel if you want. No one will care. Especially not that hypocrite Al Gore, that gulf-stream liberal. Did you know that he allowed a company into his property to extract a mineral (I forget what it was exactly) and made a ton of money in the process. I guess it's OK for him to rape the earth for profit. No global warming, except natural global warming. It's happened before. Go to and type in "Medieval Warm Period"

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    1) try your best not to drive much. Walk or by bicycle if possible.

    2) use less electricity and less gas.

    3) Do recycle as much as possible.

    4) Try to buy less thing as possible, especially the electronics stuff.

    5) plant more trees.

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    I understand how you feel.

    Just do as much as you can, recycle what you can, use public transport or walk when you can, plant trees where you live and sponsor tree planting... just a few things you can do.

    Just remember, you may only be one, but if each one did their part, it would be one MILLION helping :-)

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    CO2 is not the problem ,the plants recycle our air in a process called photosynthesis ,look it up. It is not just the trees but all plants including algae. In order to help u must know your friends and enemies. Plants need the CO2 as much as u need oxygen.

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