I reenlisted in 2002, then got an OTH in 2006. How do I get my honorable discharge certificate from 2002?

I went through TAP class before I was discharged and the TAP instructor clearly said that I would still get my GI Bill benefits if I reenlisted already before I recieved my oth discharge. I applied for my GI Benefits a month ago, and the VA wants to see my Certificate of honorable discharge from 2002. Is this the correct process, if so how would I be able to get that Certificate


I already have all my copies of my dd-214. It clearly shows I have 7 years of military service. Is there anyway I can show the VA that I served 36 months honorably, reenlisted, and then 4 years later recieved an OTH discharge?

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    Husband says you need to look at your dd 214 at the bottom for your reenlistment code. If you have a reenlistment code of RE3 or less, the number after the RE is the number of years you have to wait until you can rejoin (with a waiver). So you rejoin, do a complete enlistment, and get an honorable discharge from that enlistment to get your benefits. If you have an RE4 code or higher, you have to wait 3 years, go in front of a military board, and they will determine whether or not it is upgraded to an honorable so that you can get your benefits. Husband went through the same thing, and he came back and has been in for 6 years this time, has been promoted also. It isnt the end of the world, there is hope. Hope that helps.

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    You must be looking for your DD-214. I do know that there is a storage facility in St Louis that houses all old military record. If you google military records St Louis that may be a start. I keep my DD-214 in a fire proof safe. I have heard of this problem before so I made sure I had My DD-214 before I was discharged. Good Luck!!

    Now I understand what you are asking. Your lowest discharge is going to over ride your highest one here for it happen after your highest one. Example if you would have gotten a general discharge and then were able to get back in and then were honorably discharged that would over ride the general discharge. So your other than honorable over rides your Honorable based on when they were received

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    When removed from Basic Training you get what is called a General Discharge that may be classified as "Under Other Than Honorable Conditions". You cannot get that changed, but you may request a waiver to it and request a second chance to attempt to come in. However, you have to understand we have been given an order to reduce the size of the force. Not saying this will affect things one way or the other, it may weigh in though. You need to go talk to the recruiters though, because that is the headquarters that will approve or deny the waiver and the action.

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    I hate to say this, but your pretty much got screwed. In order to get GI benefits you have to have a honorable discharge.

    They usually go by what your DD214 says (that is the VA Administration) The VA only cares about what type of discharge you got when you were discharged for good. They don't care if you renlisted and what you did as long as you were discharged with a honorable, that fake discharge you get when you renlisted doesnt count you can use it to wipe your butt as far as the VA is concerned when it comes to benefits. Your legal person should of told you all of this when you seperated.

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    OTH means Other Than Honorable doesn't it? I am guessing that you should be eligible since you served honorably for enough time before you re-enlisted. Maybe you can get a veterans group to help you or even the American Legion unless you dishonorable stuff is so pathetic that no one wants to be around you.

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    You only get a DD-214 when you are discharged. Since you re-enlisted you were not given a DD-214 because you never left the service.

    You are stuck with the OTH.

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    I don't want to scare you but good luck getting it back i was told i could get mine to but thgey lied.

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