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My car eats oil (no leak)..yesterday the brake light on dash..?

was on...then turned off when car warmed up...I put some oil and STP oil treatment in there cause it was low...this morning it will not start..I think the battery still works, because it start to do something, but won't turn over? It is a 1994 Mitsubishi Expo? Please don't tell me a pistol stuck/blew?? Is it dead for good?? OH God,,,what else could go wrong?? Maybe the cold weather?


it sort of does something like cranking, but almost turns over but not quite...

Update 2:

No oil leak..just burns oil... about aquart every week or two..

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    1) If the oil is burning in the engine, then use a bardhal engine treatment or an engine oil burning chemical treatment to slow it down. Most of it is like thick molasses and should slow even a leak down that is coming off the oil pan.

    2) Also, Use a thicker oil like 10w 40, that will help in slow leaks down too.

    3) Brake light: Could be low on brake fluid, that is most likely. Also, worn pads, emergency brake problems or a broken line would tirgger that. But the most common are a stuck emergency brake and low fluid.

    4) Won't start? Probably too cold out. Maybe an older battery and dirty (sludge like) engine oil combined with cold weather will keep your car from starting. I suggest an engine block heater (around $40) and a car battery blanket heater (around $40) for extreme cold conditions and also to test and fill your batter, then replace as necessary. Battery at Walmart is $40.

    5) Last thing, if you cant afford a newer car like many people, then get a basic AAA towing and no start service. I did it and I used it quite a bit, it will save you money in the long run.

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    If your car eats oil chances are there is a leak somewhere. Maybe not visible right away when looking in the engine. If you can't see it, my guess is it's on the bottom of the engine. Like oil pan perhaps. You can't see that unless your under the car. If it's the oil pan, that means you need another oil pan gasket. As far as your brake light, check your brake fluid levels.

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    Parasitic Drain if it s a sparkling battery. undesirable battery if it previous. undesirable alternator if the automobile won't be able to be pushed very some distance with the lights, Radio, blower motor and different upload-ons on. next time a 365 days, make, variety and mileage may be strongest.

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    you got the blues...Check brake fluid level..does it crank or not.cant tell from ?

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