STS remote mounted systems?

I plan on installing an STS Turbo on my 4.8 Silverado.I talked to the guy at STS and asked him a few questions.He said that I do not need headers with a STS because it is remote mounted where the muffler used to be,and it puts out a lot of air for the engine to breathe,he said with superchargers you have to have headers because it's pulley driven.He told me it would be a waste of $600 or more if I bought headers before the installation there would'nt be no more significant gains.I do however believe if I got some Xtremeflow high flow cats there would be more gains,what do you think?I here a lot of good reviews about STS turbo systems,the dynocharts on the battle of the boost proved to me the STS is the way to go more torque and useable horsepower,plus they finance kickass!! What are your opinions? Has anyone ever ran an STS turbo before?Axelbeast

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  • 1 decade ago
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    While the Squires system is a great idea and is capable of making great power, the guy you talked to has no clue what he's talking about. Regardless of whether an engine has a turbo or s/c on it, better flowing exhaust will allow for more power to be made. Its actually MORE critical with a turbo than s/c, but will benefit either system. Just wondering, what was it that convinced you to go turbo for this application instead of a positive displacement s/c (Eaton, Kenne Bell, Magnacharger, Whipple). Did you really take a good look at the dyno results? Are you only interested in a peak number, or do you really want to get up and go? A 4.8 needs all the help it can get to be fun on the street. Anyway, I have seen the STS in person, its nice, complete and works well. See if you can find someone with a vehicle like yours to go ride in.

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