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How do I become a judge?

Can I become a judge without going to law school?

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    In some states you can simply run for a judge position. In others you must be appointed. Still others you must become a judge pro tem (part time judge) then become a full time judge. In some states you don't even have to be a lawyer! But the best route would be to go to law school and work as a clerk for a judge, practice for a decade or two then transition into judgeship.

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    This answer assumes you live in the US. Your question asks if you can be a judge without going to law school and I will say it's possible.

    You would need to be admitted to practice law in a state that allows you to sit for the bar based on apprenticeship or clerking for a judge. Assuming you pass the bar exam and are eligible to practice law, I assume that you could become a judge at a later date.

    And this assumes that the job description doesn't exclude applicants who do not possess a JD from a law school. If they do, this would obviously preclude you from passing the initial review of your resume.

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    You move to a state that allows people who aren't lawyers to become judges. Then you run for the office.

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    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and I would not want you to b on the bench if I were in court if you did not go to law school!

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    Either elected or appointed. Doesn't hurt to be a lawyer.

  • Simon
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    nope u need a masters atleast in law.

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