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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationMaintenance & Repairs · 1 decade ago

98 Mitsubishi eclipse heater issues?

so when i first bought this car, the heater was so strong that if i put it on level 3, i could still roll down the windows and have enough heat to stay warm. about 3 years later, something broke and there was NO HEAT i needed to get a new thermostate gage and i dunno what, but it was fixed. over the past 2-3 years, it seems like every winter there is less and less force behind the heat, i mean, it gets warm, but it doesnt blow as hard as it used to, like even all full blast i would never even THINK of opening the window. example, before if i had one of the three vents closed and it on level 2, it would make a whistling noise cause it was blowing so hard. now if i have all vents but the main one open and the heat on high, it still wont even make that noise.

what could cause that? and is there a way to fix how hard it blows the air out? is it really expensive if it is? cause the car isnt worth that much to pay too much, ya know?


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    Check outside where the hood meets the windshield, near where the windshield wipers are. Look and see if there is a build up of leaves, sticks or whatever covering the air intake grill. If your not getting air into the fan, you won't get any out. It will probably be easier to see if you open the hood.

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