New York Film School?

I am about to go to Uni in the UK. I want to get involved in making films and am thinking about the best place to go the New York Film school where the stars send their prodigies. I have looked but can not assatain the prices. How much is it to study there how hard is it to get in?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey Gael,


    With all due respect to Mr. Godard, we at the IFI, think it takes quite a bit more. Our intensive, hands on program is also comprehensive taking students from concept to marketing while working the practical steps in between. (first site)

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    4 years ago

    The term for which you will be in school is specific to your particular area of study & their curriculum surrounding that area of study so you would have to contact both colleges to be sure. My personal opinion is that NYFA is better. In NY you will find many more opportunities to grasp the creativity they expect because of the diversity & mix of culture in the city. It is not hard to find what you're looking for there irreguardless of what topic/plot scenario they want you to explore.

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