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What about being in college makes you happy?

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    A lot of the focus is on what "could be" or "will be." That is attractive, especially contrasted with the career-world where the focus is often narrow and limited.

    College constantly causes you to ask new questions. If you are somebody who is curious and wants to expand your knowledge, this is akin to an endless buffett of information. This makes me happy. Useful information - and the pursuit of it - makes me happy.

    If you are not curious to know more. College is just a means to an end.

  • College is a variety of things wrapped in one big tuition bill.

    It is an opportunity for you to meet lifelong friends and contacts. You can get wrapped up in athletics--especially if your school is particularly good in one or more sports. And, there are the parties which are memorable.

    Plus, if you attend an older university that is wrapped in tradition, those traditions become apart of your life and you never forget them.

    When you graduate, you become apart of the school. For me, I am a Baylor Bear for life. It's just something that you take with you always.

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    oh man..everything..comparing it to high school. I love the freedom, i love that i dont have the same class EVERYDAY..i love the independency around the whole campus..everyones doing there own thing and doesnt make cliques like in high school.

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