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We have just one world .. but why are we living in different ones?

Can we make one united WORLD? no more states, countries? No more passports ? One commun langauge? Mix all the cultures and come up with a new commun one? Why not one commun religion? No rules? More freedom? ... Would it make peace and hapiness or would it cause more wars and fight?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your question brings to mind the idea of Utopia. Sure, that's possible. In my personal opinion however, that's an improbable possibility. Whatever we do (even having passports, and language, and ideas of nationality), we are affected by our culture. Come to think of it, we somewhat came from a common culture way back in time; but at this moment, we are just so diverse. I think there had been many factors to that.

    We all have different ideas of what would make us happy and contented. That is foremost the foundation of culture. But modern man lives on wants more than on needs. Coincidentally, we have different aspirations. We have our own ambitions, our own dreams. If we would be contented with a simple life of eating, sleeping and having a simple place to stay at, we would not envision flying, or going to the moon, or being entertained with something called TV. Life is a constant quest for understanding, of wanting, of needing. All men in general have a common fear: fear of the unknown. As we set in adventures to set past these fears, knowledge and technology are produced. Again, these would make a community different from another one.

    Besides ourselves, we have an environment to live with. It may give us something to aspire for, or it may limit our ideas. We are governed by our resources and even geography. They say the best lessons are learned in history so let's cite a specific example. While it had already been Iron Age in the West, some parts of the East were still living in the stone age. That is because (in theory) the first pre-man set foot on Asia long after Western civilizations had already been established. (Late peopleing, along with their technology).

    Lets go to theorem B: a united world would attain peace and happiness. United in terms of what? Let's say everything. So, what if we did get so common that we all wanted to eradicate AIDS, for example. Would we extinguish those infected to kill the transmission? Of course, I am not discarding other possible ways to achieve the dream. What if we got united to compose one nation. Would you take for granted the traditions of your ancestors in exchange for some unifying scheme? Would you throw your ideals to let other principles in? The problems duplicate and would create even more violence in the process. Our beliefs alone would give us different cultures. Unless we could have a common belief (not just something common in beliefs), we would always have different methods of living.

    But man was not made like that. He was given freedom. Along with that freedom, were responsibilities. It is when men abuse their freedom and forget their responsibilities that conflicts occur. Conflicts lead to fights, fights lead to hate, hate lead to wars, jumble the continuum it would still lead to one or the other.

    The reality is that we are all different from one another. I believe that absolute peace, if attainable, is living our lives on our own. No more conflict. Do what you do but don't mind others in doing what they want to do either. Attainable peace, on the other hand is when we learn to accept other people, no matter how different they are from us, and live in harmony with them. The concept can be summarized into one word: co-existence.


  • 1 decade ago

    Solving all those issues would only solve logistical problems but that would not remove the repressed instincts only add to the already pent up energy since we would have to repress more behavior to live in such a place as you would like. That would make it even more delicate and when the energy lets loose it will be far more violent.

  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds nice, but you know it will never happen.

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