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Why Russia is isolated from the Internet world?

Can somebody tell me?

I know they have access to internet there. But it is not common a rich and big (in extention and in culture) country like that do not participate in the forum sites ... you know. English and German people is common in such places... why do not the Russians show up?!


Ah, why the Russian internet is not allowed in the USA? Techincal or ideological problems?

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    Funny to read this ****. I'm Russian living in Moscow, for you to know, ignorant moron. So as you can see I have no problems with Internet

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  • Kevin
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    There are lots of Russian's on this forum. There are many websites where a majority of the people are Russian. They do not have the access Americans do, because they do not have the ready access at home, but they use internet cafe's often.

    And the "Russian Internet" not allowed in the USA? lol.

    The internet is simply a network of computers, all over the world. It isn't "allowed" or "not allowed" anywhere. Some countries censor it, but not Russia.

    Go to sites like,, or Then you will be on "the Russian internet".

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    I learned a bit in school about the issue, all i know is that in other countries like Russia there governments try and censor the internet and block certain content from the people there. I also know that most computer viruses originate in Russia ( for what reason I am not sure) Sorry about such a vague answer

    Source(s): Assinaboine Community College
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    The only stuff i have seen on the internet from Russia is porn and mail order brides. Im sure they have some valuable input to share with the rest of the world.

    maybe the US still considers Russia a threat, even tho they should be looking closer to home??

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