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when you buy a virgin mobile top up card and you accidently buy a verizon card....can you exanchge 4 another?

i bought a verizon prepaid card on accident. i meant to buy a virgin mobile top up card. i didnt mean to and i already scratched off a verizon one already. what am i suppose to do. i spent 50$ for that ****. cant the store give me somthing else or something? i really dont understand why the store take it back when its already scratched off.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, there are no refunds on prepaid airtime. If you caught it right away, the cashier could void the transaction but if it is the next day or beyond there's nothing you can do at the store level. Your best bet is to go on Craigslist or find a friend who uses Verizon prepaid and sell it to them. You could sell it on eBay but the auction price will likely go for $40-$45 instead of $50, plus what you lose out of Paypal and eBay commissions and listing fees, but as a last resort, it is better than nothing. If you put it on a credit card, you could call your credit card company to see if they'll do anything for you. Sometimes they can stand behind you as a buyer and cover you when store policies don't. Whatever you do, chalk it up to experience and be more careful next time! ;-)

  • Rachel
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    5 years ago

    how long will it last if i have a $10 top up will it last for 12 hours

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