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what groups of people are for cloning humans e.g scientists, doctors that sorta thing?

i gotta find it out 4 homework

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No one is really in favor of cloning humans, except perhaps Rael and his bunch of dimwits in his pseudo scientific religious cult.

    Cloning humans will not achieve much.

    However, cloning stem cells would allow the regeneration of re-placement organs, or perhaps even allow in-situ regeneration of tissues. To this end, most scientists involved in finding way to repair spinal chord injuries, nerve disease, degenerative conditions, cancer, etc. would have an interest in being allowed to perform experiments with stem cells in order to develop medical treatments.

  • Joy K
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    1 decade ago

    The only ones who really want to clone humans are those in it for money, to clone a dead relative for the family, etc. and those who are so self-centered and evil they want to clone themselves. Scientist, doctors and many other people want to use stem cell research to help cure medical problems.

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