Does anyone know of websites I can find data on the effects the rotation of earth has on the environment?

I was just wondering if the rotation of the earth effects climate and instability for the planet. Plus, if there are other man made factors along with a rotation shift, what would be some of the effects?

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    the rotation of the earth, which is counterclockwise as viewed from above the north pole, has many effects on earth’s weather and climate.

    the coriolis effect, which results from the earth’s rotation, plays an important role in large-scale circulation of the atmosphere. as viewed by an observer on earth, air appears to be deflected to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere. this results in areas of low pressure rotating counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, with the opposite being true for areas of high pressure.

    the earth’s rotation also has an effect on ocean currents, which can influence local climates. the el niño and la niña phenomena that affect global climate patterns on a periodic basis are examples of this.

    one large component of a location’s climate that would not likely be affected would be the effect of seasons, which are more dependent on the tilt of the earth’s axis than they are on the earth’s rotation.

    hope this helps and answers your question...i don't know where you'd find any data and as far as i know, there are no manmade factors to consider here, unless you get more specific

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    The variation in rotation of the earth is something that we actually know precisely from records over 2000 years old. Since 136 B.C., the earth's rotation rate has varied a cumulative total of just over 1/8 rotation. As water shifts between the oceans and glacial ice, the earth changes speed a miniscule amount like a spinning skater opening and closing her arms slightly, but it is climate changing rotation, not the other way around.

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    nicely, it does. close to the floor, the air strikes incredibly plenty on the comparable velocity simply by fact the earth simply by drag. yet up in the ambience, it slows slightly down there the place the earth has the suitable velocity: the equator. On the two factors of it, you have the commerce winds blowing westward. in case you fly your plane in the commerce winds, you're surely laid low with the earth rotation. while flying at extra or less variety 60 N or S, you're then in yet another variety air flow; the jet streams. those are the effect of the "kink" the tropopause due the the frontal distinction of temperature and the Coriolis result. those bypass eastward, additionally with the spinning of the earth. As you in all probability understand, the jet streams are utilized by employing airliner pilots to benefit it slow on an Atlantic eastward passage, and prevented in a westward passage. So, the earth rotation concerns to pilots. by the way, i'm a pilot too yet in basic terms of the tiny homebuilt plane I very own; a ways, a ways removed from the jet streams.

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    The earth is very stable and the climate has always tested us.

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