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We love Ava Claire--but is it the next Emma or Madison?

We live in Oklahoma and are expecting our first child in May. Ava was only #24 in our state SSA rankings in 05, and I've never met or even heard of a little Ava. The trends here are more toward Riley (every possible spelling), Madison, and other surnames for first names (Morgan, Reagan, etc.). Do you think Ava will become a top 5 name nationwide in the next few years? We're okay with Top 20, but not Top 5.

Other choices are Laurel Mae, Emilia Jayne, and Claire Diane.

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    According to, here are the current top 100 baby names.....I am also due in May, but with a little boy...we used this site to help us decide on a name as well! I know how you feel about popular names....I just don't want to have my child not feel unique! Ava is a beautiful name, but as you can see, is number 3 on the list....=( sorry.... I like Emilia Jayne myself....or what about Eva?? Sounds similar to Ava, but it's different!?

    Good luck and take care!! Congrats on your baby girl!!

    (list copied and pasted below)

    Girl Names


    1 Emma

    2 Madison

    3 Ava

    4 Emily

    5 Isabella

    6 Kaitlyn

    7 Sophia

    8 Olivia

    9 Abigail

    10 Hailey

    11 Hannah

    12 Sarah

    13 Madeline

    14 Lily

    15 Ella

    16 Alyssa

    17 Riley

    18 Chloe

    19 Lauren

    20 Grace

    21 Kaylee

    22 Samantha

    23 Brianna

    24 Mia

    25 Alexis

    26 Addison

    27 Mackenzie

    28 Natalie

    29 Taylor

    30 Zoe

    31 Sydney

    32 Anna

    33 Elizabeth

    34 Isabelle

    35 Avery

    36 Maya

    37 Savannah

    38 Makayla

    39 Kayla

    40 Julia

    41 Megan

    42 Morgan

    43 Jasmine

    44 Katherine

    45 Ashley

    46 Allison

    47 Kylie

    48 Arianna

    49 Jordan

    50 Keira

    51 Gabriella

    52 Rachel

    53 Peyton

    54 Brooklyn

    55 Brooke

    56 Victoria

    57 Claire

    58 Abby

    59 Audrey

    60 Rebecca

    61 Katie

    62 Alexandra

    63 Sophie

    64 Camryn

    65 Kate

    66 Amelia

    67 Paige

    68 Caroline

    69 Leah

    70 Aubrey

    71 Lillian

    72 Gabrielle

    73 Jessica

    74 Ashlyn

    75 Charlotte

    76 Jayden

    77 Kennedy

    78 Jenna

    79 Gracie

    80 Alexa

    81 Kendall

    82 Molly

    83 Lucy

    84 Ellie

    85 Trinity

    86 Faith

    87 Mckenna

    88 Amanda

    89 Nevaeh

    90 Nicole

    91 Gianna

    92 Maggie

    93 Destiny

    94 Jada

    95 Angelina

    96 Erin

    97 Marissa

    98 Juliana

    99 Bailey

    100 Layla

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    4 years ago

    Ava and Chloe. =D Lily, Gabrielle, Ava, Eva, Eve, Zoe, Chloe, Ivy, Emma, Anna, Belle, Claire, Clara, Lara, Sarah, Paige, Lilo, Beth, Mary and Sally.

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    It was # 10 on the 2006 list. But that doesnt matter. If you like it, then use it. Im in Texas and dont know of any Ava's either. I thought about it for my daughter who will be born in March. As a matter of fact I liked Ava Claire, Ava Grace or Ava Rose. I love that name and Claire is a family name for us. But anyways, if you love it then go for it.

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    Ava and Aiden were voted the most popular names of 2006. But i absolutely adore the name Ava and who cares who thinks it's popular or not. You're going to constantly run into names that are already taken or on someone's popular list. I think it's a beautiful name:)

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    Ava is definitely up in the top 5. But what does it matter? If you like the name and can see your self calling your daughter Ava, then go for it! I think its a beautiful name.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ava is beautiful. you shouldnt look at is as oh its on the top five lets not name her that. you should name her what you want to name her. if you want something not very popular then i would go with the last choice you had Claire Diane. it is beautiful too and i dont know any claires! CONGRATS!!!!!!

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  • Trisha
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    1 decade ago

    I read on that Ava and Aidan were the #1 names for the country for 2006.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We live in ND and Ava is very popular here whatever name you choose, goodluck on your baby girl :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ava? Yes.

    Claire, less so, but.

    I grew up in the Jennifer-Jason era, and all the Jennifers and Jasons I knew loathed being so common. (My name is "unique," and frequently a pain. Shoot for something inbetween.)

    Laurel Jane (sorry for altering your choices a bit) is nice without being too popular, I think.

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