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Logging PIC/dual time?

Say you have a flight of 1.0 hours in duration. Can you have 1.0 as PIC AND 0.5 of that as dual or do they have to add up to the total time?? Please tell me where the regs state this if you can.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    61.51 E - Logging of PIC time: You can only log PIC time if you are the sole manipulator of the controls of an aircraft you are appropriately rated for, OR a student pilot may log pilot in command time only when the student pilot is "undergoing training for a pilot certificate or rating". Note that it is any certificate or rating, not just private. "A CFI may log all flight time as PIC time while acting as an authorized instructor." If you are working towards a rating, both you and your CFI log it as PIC, assuming you are rated in the aircraft (ex. you can't log PIC time in a complex aircraft if you are getting working towards your complex signoff). If you are going up for a BFR or an instrument recurrency check, since it isn't towards an additional rating, it is only dual time. Hope this helps. You can have 1 hour of pic and .5 of dual if your CFI got out halfway through and you went up and soloed.

    Source(s): 61.51E
  • bevl78
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    1 decade ago

    As stated above, if you are rated (and current) on the aircraft and for the type of flying you are doing you may (in the USA) log BOTH PIC AND dual!

    For example if you are receiving instruction on commercial manouvers, you already have a Private licence and can act as PIC, so can log both PIC and dual. If you are doing instrument training under the hood in VFR conditions you may log both, but if you are doing instrument training in actual IFR you may NOT log PIC as you are not Instrument rated! If you are training on a tailwheel or complex a/c and don't have a logbook sign-off you may NOT log PIC either.

    AJVPB's answer is not entirely correct:

    A student pilot is someone with a student pilot's licence, not anyone undergoing training (note the differant sections in 61.51 referring to differant licence holder's PIC time). A student can only log PIC time when ALL the requirements are met:

    1) He has a current solo endorsement, 2) He is the sole occupant of the aircraft AND 3) He is undergoing training (in other words he is completing one of the solo flights required by the regs to qualify for applying for the check ride for a licence or rating - usually Sport, Recreational or PPL, since if he is training for a higher one, he must already have at least a PPL to take the check ride, and is therefore not a "student" for the purpose of this Part of the regs!) (Are we having fun yet??!!!).

    To summarise (and since you asked for referances):

    61.51(e)(1) lists the requirements for a Private Pilot to log PIC time.

    61.51(e)(4) lists the same for student pilots

    61.51(h) lists requirements for logging training time (dual)

    If you meet the requirements for PIC & Dual, you may log both PIC & Dual - the times don't have to add up to the total flight time.

    Also as long as you are STILL CURRENT when you take your BFR or Instrument Proficiency Check you may log either or both as PIC (you are NOT a student!). In fact if they are satisfactory the Instructor may not log it as Dual, the only time s/he is required to log these flights as dual is when the flight is not up to the required standards.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): 2,600 hrs as CFI, ex Part 141 Asst Chief Instructor
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The pilot in command of every flight is assigned before prior to the flight, so all your time flying is either PIC or dual for a given flight.

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    5 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    ........... if you have a command rating on type it is PIC hours ......... if you have P2 rating ......... then it is dual ........

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