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I always have unrealistic dream, colorful, and very detail.

I can write a long long story when I wake up.

In 2007, I cannot remember any of my dream, but my wife say I always speak loud or yelling at night..........but I have no idea.

Do I have any problem?

you may say i get too much pressure on my job, yes, it is .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    my answer may sound like science fiction, I believe that our inner conscious has potential to sing , dance , solve complex problems ,etc. I have sometimes seen solutions to very difficult problems in my life.

    It is possible that this super computer of yours is active and licing its own life and also trying to solve some issues of yours. it controls your body , hence you may shout or scream at night due to the almost real life experience

    do not worry about it much - try to sleep when u are really feeling very sleepy and wake up when you awake for the first time . and do not go back to sleep

  • 1 decade ago

    I've had this problem lately too. I'm not on any medication nor am i depressed. I may be more stressed than usual - not so much it's affecting my life but i still don't understand it.

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