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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & Gear · 1 decade ago

how do tamagotchi v4 work?

when you start does it randomly give you one of the toddlers?

then does it do the same for the teens?

then it gives you an adult?

then it gives you an old person?

and when there old one of there oppisote gender friends becomes mariied to them or is that when there adults?

when do they have children?

does your normale tamagotchi leave after that?

how long does it take to get to these stages?

do you lose your game when your battery dies?

please help!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    V4's are not too complicated. I have been raising 2 for the past week. I'll try my best to answer all your question,

    When you first start up a tama, you will be given an egg. Once it hatches you will know if you have a boy or girl. All the ababies are the same(except that boys are black and girls are white.) How you take care of your tama decides which character you recieve. As far as I know its not random, because when I do the same thing to two tams they turn into the same charater.Pretty weird.

    You will have the infant for one hour, toddler one day, teen until 2 or 3, and then adult. Once your tama is older than 4 it can fall in love with another tama. You will know when you look in your friends list and click on one. There is a meter there that fills up when your tama is best friends with another, then when they fall in love those will turn into hearts and be all full. Then at any time when you connect to give a present the tamas will kiss and there will be a heart that floats up on the screen. The first time I saw it was pretty cute. After that when you connect they will have a 2 babies, and each parent will get to keep a baby. The parent will stay with the baby for a day or two and then will leave one morning and you will then begin caring for it.

    If you choose not to connect to have a baby, or choose a mate from the matchmaker, then yes your tama will get old and become an oldtimer. Whether your tama is a boy or girl will affect which one you get.

    Finally, if your battery happens to can tak e your time getting a new one because once you put it in, you will be given the option to reset or download. If you download you will get your tama back and it will begin at the closet major event, such as growing or waking up...I wish you the best of luck...Feel free to wrtie me with any tama questions!

    Source(s): Tama owner since 1996!
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The V4 came out this month (December) in New Zealand and Spain - but is now available in the US and the UK. There are some online videos that show it in action and some websites with info. The official Tama sites seem to make little mention of it at the moment - I guess Bandai want to run down the stocks of the V3!

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