need to find paid policy 19709049 life and casualty insurance company of tenessee on cynthia koonts?

paid up policy taken out by robert koonts 4/08/1957

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    Life & Casualty of Tenn was bought and merged with American General Life & Accident of Nashville. Call them at 1-800-888-2452 and give them the information. They should be able to help you.

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    Robert Koonts, the policy owner, can request a duplicate copy of the policy directly from the Carrier. I did find a "Tennessee Life Insurance Company", but that might not be the same insurance company YOU are talking about. Their contact info is:

    Tennessee Life Insurance Company

    (a member of Plateau Group Inc)

    A.M.Best #: 68373 NAIC #: 85502 FEIN #: 930929904

    Address: P.O. Box 7001

    Crossville, TN 38557-7001

    Phone: 931-484-8411

    Fax: 931-484-0692

    Only the policy owner is entitled to a copy of the policy.

    Source(s): agent, 21+ years
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    1 decade ago

    Here are some tips on finding a lost life insurance policy:

    If you know the name of the company, then why are you posting here? Just look up their number and call them.

  • ricks
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    1 decade ago

    contact the company, not post personal info on the web for the world to see! We have no way of getting this info.

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    considering we do not even comprehend what got here about to generate a declare from an coverage corporation ( the different human being's of your own ), how are we meant to respond to your question wisely?

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