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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

If muslims claims the violence practiced Islam to be the best, which is the worst religion?

The people of the best religion kill ohters, kill themselves. It is the only religion associated with terrorism. Muslim blames christians for protestant catholics fight and American war. Understand that they are not bible based fights , its just political and economic reasons. Bush did not quote an word from Bible and said this is why he is going to war, but Bin Laden did and all the terrorist do. They quote quran and call Allah Akbar before they kill. None of the protestants or catholics said Praise to Jesus when they killed each other.

No Buddist killed another human being shouting BUDHAM SARANAM GACHAMI.

Quran is the only holy book which inspired anyone to kill another. Infact that is what the founder of Islam did. He looted the caravans in Mecca for money.

Why did the prophet sent by God had to kill another human being?

Why did the prophet marry a 6 year old girl.? If protecttio was the reason , why not as daughter

please tell me if Islam is the best , what is the worst?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Because it is a mans religion with man at the forefront not GOD.

  • 1 decade ago

    Seems you're acting hypocritical. All you're accusing is "Muslims do atrocities; if Christians goof it's never voluntarily." Baloney. Holocaust? Crusades? Srebrenica Massacre? American slavery with support of bible-thumpers?

    Islam commands peace, the terrorists who kill innocent people are sinners and not following Islam.

    Do you honestly believe there are no Christian killers? Hitler claimed to be a Catholic. Eric Rudolph bombed abortion clinics and even a nightclub. Timothy McVeigh quoted the bible at his trial and execution. Didn't Andrea Yates claim God told her to kill her children? Should I blame Christianity? No, and don't blame Islam either, the Billion-plus Muslims don't do that.

    Buddhists have done terrorism too. Clearly not all of them, but not all of ANY religion either. Aum Shinrikyo, which carried out a Sarin gas attack on Tokyo subways, was Buddhist/Hindu/cult. Buddhist monks of Mandalay committed rioting, arson, and killing innocent people over a stone thrown into a monastery, as happened in Burma in October of 2002. Poor minority Muslims were beaten up and killed because of alleged disrespect to the sacred monastery, someone threw a stone and the monks mistakenly blamed the Muslims.

    In response to the rest of your accusations; after 14 years of oppression and being looted while turning the other cheek, Muhammad (peace be upon him) fought BACK by raiding the caravan. It was not primarily for money. The US stops ships from going to Iran with supplies, how is this any different?

    The prophet, peace be upon him, only killed one person his entire life, a man on the battlefield who was trying to spear him. He felt bad about it, and had always tried to never kill anyone. You're misreading history and taking this out of context. Do you have any idea how nice he was to his enemies for the decades when they threw filth on him or tried to kill him or cursed him daily or beat him or starved him?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This question is hardly comprehendable.

    Anyway, get your facts right before embarrassing yourself.

    Deu 20:16 Whenever you capture towns in the land the LORD your God is giving you, be sure to kill all the people and animals.

    Deu 20:10 Before you attack a town that is far from your land, offer peace to the people who live there. If they surrender and open their town gates, they will become your slaves. But if they reject your offer of peace and try to fight, surround their town and attack. Then, after the LORD helps you capture it, kill all the men. Take the women and children as slaves and keep the livestock and everything else of value.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Could it be that Islam is responsible for the historical backwardness of Islamic nations? I think it is high time we ask ourselves for the first time: Is Islam true? Does it help people to progress intellectually, morally, spiritually, scientifically, politically, culturally and economically? Or is it really the culprit for the social unrest, wars and upheavals in some countries? Was Islam responsible for the splitting of the mighty India in three feuding nations and the death of millions of innocent people? Is Islam responsible for the mayhem in Afghanistan, the chaos in Iran, the commotion in Kashmir, the turmoil in Philippines, the pandemonium in Palestine, the madness in Somalia, the anarchy in Algeria, the human right abuses in Egypt, the honor killings in Pakistan, and the brutalities in Saudi Arabia………….etc ? Correct me if I’m wrong Does Islam advance national unity by giving to all its citizens the same rights and privileges irrespective of their faith? Does Islam promote science? Does it cultivate culture and advancement of human mind? Does it encourage philosophy and arts? Does Islam promote democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of thoughts? Has Islam been a positive influence in your country? Truth will set you free but it isn’t easy to swallow. If you are not ready to face the truth, stay out of this debate. Don’t ask questions that may shatter your biased beliefs and your cherished faith. Keep your head under the sand and pretend nothing is wrong. Freethinking is not for everyone. It requires strength of character. It requires devotion to truth and an uncluttered mind to accept it, even if it goes against what we believe. If you don’t see yourself ready, don’t let people force you into it. But please don’t stand in the way of those who are ready to face it Does Islam stand for gender equality? Why you don’t allow your husband to marry more wives? Why you don’t obey him and instead prefer the infidel’s way of equality? Why would you take him to the court if he beats you, despite the fact that Allah gives him this right? Why you demand equal pay when you know that you are deficient in intelligence?

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  • 1 decade ago

    dude u seem to hav got the wrong idea...... lemme explain

    Islam - lets just forget terrorism for a sec - itself is a religion of peace, and allows Jihad as WAR only under certain circumstances :

    1) If muslims are being oppressed, and there is a bar against the spread of Islam

    2) As an act of self defence, if another army wages war

    3) If a tyrant takes over

    also, Jihad is carried out ONLY as a last resort

    got it?

    now, as for what's happening in Iraq, afghanistan and Palestine, dont u think they fall into atleast ONE of the following categories??

    as for the terrorism part of it, it aint allowed in Islam.

    so if WAR is carried out for no REASON, those ppl can't call themselves Muslims, right?

    and it's not just Islam - don't blame the religion. blame the people.


    Aisha (ral) was not 6 years old

  • 1 decade ago

    Tsk. Tsk. You're so amusing.

    Muslims DO NOT claim 'violence practised by Islam' in the first place. Because Islam does not preach violence at all. And Islam doesn't preach hatred. Islam is a religion for the mankind. We don't have a certain set of people from the far east or the far west practising it. Yes the proportions do vary, but you have your avergae born-american Muslim convert and then you have your South East Asian Muslim. You don't look at any other religion and get the same example. You don't have christians in India, or in ASEAN countries. Maybe some born-christians but you don't see anyone converting. You don't see any one converting to Judaism, because it doesn't allow that. In brief, there is no segregation in Islam. There is no racism, there is no discrimination. And you may ask what that has anything to do with your question yeah? Well simple and easy, in teh world today, the root of all problems IS racism. Racism has created hatred. And hatred generates violence. Violence comes in different forms and shapes. However you want to look at it, Islam is a just religion, it doesn't by any means segregate any human being from the other. We don't blame our women for what Eve did to Adam. We're not confused over whether our God was immortal or what. We don't have unsupported beliefs.

    To correct you or any one else with the misunderstanding, Prophet Muhammad IS NOT our God. He was a messenger, a mere mortal, like all of us. God sent down revelations to him through Jibreel [Gabriel] and he in turn recited those to the ones following his teachings.

    You are wrong to say that he married a girl at 6. He did not marry Aishah until her second period, and if you calculate that, it was probably AFTER she turned 12 [girls normally start having their period at 12.5 or 13]. So that's a wrong assumption. And I feel inclined enough to say this, the place Muhammad came from [Arabia] used to have the trend of marrying their daughters at a very young age. And I really find it amusing also, that people only quote Aishah's example. Why can't you look at Khadija, Prophet muhammad's first wife? Let me relate the story here. Hazrat Khadija was actually OLDER than Hazrat Muhammad. She liked Muhammad for his integrity and faithfulness, and therefore married him. Now there's a story too, isn't it? And it only proves how people are wrongly informed.

    Prophet Muhammad did not loot any caravans. Thats again a misleading assumption. He was a very honest and a very pious man. What are you trying to imply with the 'protection reason'? Hazrat Aishah had a father. She was a daughter and like the Arabian tradition was given in marriage to Prophet Muhammad. Please please, I beg of you, pleas eget your facts staright. And please don't you dare quote a story to mislead people. It's wrong, and I ask you, has your oh-so-civil background and culture not taught you not to use examples without verifying them first? Becausee Islam teaches that. And only something that simple can lead to many conclusions. Be careful!

    Bin Laden? Huh. Bin Laden isn't the exact portrait of Muslim man my friend, just as Bush isn't of a catholic. Infact, no one in today's world is. Half of us are hypocrites to our own religions and the other half is too embarassed or too opressed to come out as religious. Same case with Muslims. Half of us try to live and 'acceptable' way of life, that'll allow us to be respected by Americans and other countries that have continuosuly associated Islam with terrorism. It's not only wrong, it's opressive AND it generates a sense of inferiority in Muslims. Enough to not lead a proper Islamic life.

    9/11. Is that what you base your judgements on? I do sympathise and I condemn the acts of terrorism. But who did it? Nobody's been able to still prove it. For all you know it could be the ******* corrupt administration behind it. Who knows?

    You need to know that Muslims today are more culturally influenced then they are religiously. And my friend, the biggest misconception anyone can have regarding culture and religion is assuming that both are the same, when they are not. Islam may influence culture to some degree, but it isn't the culture itself. Culture has different roots. For example the SOuth Aisan culture is heavily influenced by British and European trends. Italians used to kill for honor, so do South Asians. You don't justify that with religion.

    Islam is the perfect way of life. You need to study more into it before judging. I don;'t judge christianity [minus the few fields I've studied into]. And that's something this religion has taught me. I only tried to clear up your misconceptions. Hope you took it in a positive light.

  • 1 decade ago

    There are terrorists in all religions, not just Islam. Unfortunately it is Islam you see in the news every day because of what is going on in the Middle East. Please remember that a lot of what you read and see is from hate sites, a biased media and government influenced propaganda. Peace.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ha ha yeah I've seen tons of Christains murdering hundreds people every day! Not. Muslims teach desruction and if they did'nt have all the ****** oil then the world would prob get rid of em.

  • 1 decade ago

    The violence practiced in Islam now we have the dog chasing his tail again. Poor dog is going to die dizzy.

  • glass.
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    1 decade ago

    plenty of people of almost any religion will use it justify killing of others. Look at abortion protesters, they kill doctors "in the name of Jesus". plenty of rednecks beat up gay guys "in the name of Jesus". i guess i do not have answer as what the "worst" is. maybe one that no longer exists.

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