should a mother take father to court over child support thats been done out of court but hes not paying?

the mother an father set it outside of court that he pay only 200 a month he drives a taxi. he has missed a payment allready almost 2. he filed his income taxes with the son on them to pay back the 3,000 he owed plus something else dont know exact what. after all his taxes was done he had like 700-1,000 left he only gave mother 300 after she found out about him doing that. but before she found out he was trying to buy 570 dollar rims for his car instead of paying the child support he owed. he never told her about filing the child she had to find out through a friend. he said he was going to supprise her with the money he owed her. so shes wanting to know if she should take him to court or just wait an see if he takes her to court. his name is on birth certificate but child has her last name if that helps better her answer an never been married child was born out of wedlock an shes trying to basically get advice on what she should do about this so please be serious thank you.

4 Answers

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