What could have happen if Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Lakshmi Mittal where politicians of India?

what could have happen if Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Lakshmi Mittal where What could have happen if Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Lakshmi Mittal where politicians of India?

Its very interesting to know the opposite growth which is happening in India. where this business tycoon are helping the nation to grow at such a pace which cannot be imagine. on other hand the politians of India instead of taking India to a greater height...they just busy wasting their precious time in fighting with each other.

We always have seen this above business tycoons giving great results and created N number of employment opportunity and help the nation to eradicate the employment problem to some extend.

Does the nation needs the change to request this business tycoon to take one individual reqsponsibilty relating to Poverty, Unemployment, Corruption, pollution..etc

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    I'm happy someone asked that question. Countries rotting from corruption at every level, and weighed down by the burden of governmental procedures and delays, would benefit from being managed by profit-oriented businessmen. Pay them the fees they deserve, sign a management contract for a fixed period after which their performance would be assessed, based on which they could be paid. Privatization is the ony way to kill the cancerous cell of corruption. Government officials have long taken advantage of their positions and milked the public for bribes. Result: pothole-riddled roads, inflated utility bills, seasonal flooding as seen in Mumbai, victimisation and grouchy grumpy state/central govt. workers male/female who make you feel like you were some centipede that crawled out of the furniture. When actually it is your money (thru taxes) that pays for their salary. All that would change my friend.

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    Ratan Tata is justified when he saw the conditions of poor people in this country. There is a big gap between riches and the poor in this country. On On the other hand Mukesh Ambani is also justified at his own place, after all it's his own hard earned money, He deserve to spend that on whatever he like to.

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    Who will bring growth in the country if cooperate world tycoon go to the parliament ? Let present leaders to continue to run the country, do you think these Indian Idles can work in present system/Law ? Yes we all want change ,before sending to them we must remove corrupt leaders from the Parliament, then we request these business tycoon to take one individual responsibility relating to Poverty, Unemployment, Corruption, pollution..etc

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    Business tycoons and industrialist mean business .If all of them enter politics much more people who mean business and cannot tolerate nonsense will enter politics.The faith in the govt will increase and gradually the dirty politicians will become jobless.But the govt will have a big problem rehabilitating the dirty politicians as they do not know any other job and they will not be willing to learn.

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    If these business trycoon have come in the field of politics of India and they spare their spirit of work in the field of politics India will develop fully and India became the Number one country in the aspects of industrial growth but they have to remove all kinds of corruption from the politics and society also.

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    yes, that will be an excellent idea. because we all know that the bottom line of any business is called profit. so, obviously, if the state needs to make more money, business men will know best how to reach that bottom line and make a 'profit' for the country.

    you have forward thinking- congratulations!

    btw, i just watched the film 'GURU' and it answers the same question :))

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    TANASHAHI , ya fir socialism hogi kyonki they wont be able to run businesses side by side so they will make all capitalist convert. and all business will be run by the govt..................oh i forgot to tell you india will be divided into three parts INDIA A INDIA T, INDIA M.

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    our country would be no.1 in d world..... " A RULER OF THE WORLD IS ALWAYS A SALESMAN ONLY" .....of course commercialisation would be there.... but a tremendous growth in science and tech. and u reach higher standards...

    no lazy ppl in country n all ll ve jobs...

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    how about toi stopping toi and planning tof i.e. starting a flying Co in India....boring to hear ulallalaleyyo!.

    sure! maynot be a backward thinking!. thanks....!!

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