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Are there any proven betting systems?

Betting is always a game of chance, but bookies dont always win. Some people are professional gamblers, are the just lucky? What is the skill? How can I learn it?

Are there any academics who study gambling and who have proven consistent successful betting systems? I suppose that if there are not, then its impossible.

You see many online systems which claim to make you money, do they really work? Has anybody tried them?

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    As I once read in an internet forum: "Yes, most professional bettors do. No, they don't want to share it with you."

    People absolutely do beat the sportsbooks, and these people typically do have proven betting systems. However, as you can imagine, this is tremendously valuable information. If it predicted accurately on, say, a 60% clip, if you could bet tens of thousands of dollars on each prediction you would have an enormous expectation.

    The reason I'm always leery of those "I'll sell you a proven betting system" sales pitches is that if it actually worked, they could make way more money than selling it to me for $99. Plus, if they sold enough copies to educated bettors, the information would be incorporated into the lines and become useless (look at "efficient market hypothesis" for details).

    If you want to attempt it, there are steps you can take. First, read Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong. It's a good primer on how to think as a "sharp", or educated/professional bettor. Afterwards, do your own research, come up with hypotheses, and test your model. Learn about data mining and data analysis to properly do this.

    It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. And even with all the work, there's no guarantee you'll come up with a good betting system. But you're not going to see someone give one away for free on the internet and no one will sell it to you for two easy payments of $49.99. Unless you have a very good friend willing to let you in on his/her method, you'll have to develop it on your own.

    As someone doing similar work right now (with some success thus far), I wish you the best of luck.

    EDIT: To clarify, I'm talking only about sports betting. Bookmakers are not perfect, and I'm referring to finding opportunities where bookmakers put up inaccurate lines. For things like craps, slots, roulette, etc., there's no way to win long-term. Each bet is -EV, and there's no way to overcome that.

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    I use Irahsik’s betting system and i earn everyday. I play low stakes, but even additional 10-15€ a day is good. This is football betting system and it's very effective.

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    Most systems do not work but there are a few ways to make money gambling.

    Playing the horses is one of the best ways. You are playing against other players and not against the house.

    Poker is also a great way to gamble and win. Thousands of people make their living playing poker.

    Those are your two best bets for gambling and winning.

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    You don't need a system at all. The majority of the times you sit down at one time or another you'll be up a hundred or more dollars before blowing it back. Just get your ass up and leave when you reach that small goal. $100 a day translates into a $700 paycheck at week's end.

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    why would someone with a nailed on winning system give it to anyone else, NO CHANCE I,ve found manystems most you get are very UP And DOWN MOSTLY DOWN!!! the only way to win especially with a casino slot machine is to put a AXE through the back of it lol, the best way to win on horses is, if its only picking a trainer, , or a race card number back one and each way bookies don't like that bet!! if it loses don't chase your losses

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    I use Irahsik’s betting system for months and it works like a charm for me

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    the best way to not lose money in casinos and in gambling is to not gamble. but thats just silly!!! counting cards, and knowing what has been and gone in a card deck is crucial for games like poker because it gives you that little extra favour as to what might be coming up next. the odds are always against you, but its the little 1% that will help you win. knowing when to stop and change games or tables is also good. if your losing, stop and try another dealer. it can help

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