Is is recommended to have a colonic irrigation while battling with diverticulitis?

I am a disabled senior and just recently began experiencing sharp pain in my lower left quadrant and found that I have diverticulitis (as did my mother). I have gone through 2 flareups, taken antibiotics and changed my entire diet (seems to help a great deal with bm's), but am wondering if I should cleanout the entire system of buildup. I surely don't want to opt for surgery if irrigation(s) will help and aren't precluded by having diverticulitis. I surely don't want to aggravate these pouches and chance rupturing them.

Anyone having any experience with either diverticulitis and its recommended diet, and/or colonic irrigations (high colonics), please advise and thank you all.


I'm waiting on test results of colonoscopy.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    With a flare you need bowel rest. An irrigation could cause the flare to be worse. Continue with your dietary changes. If you are unsure about the diet or it doesn't seem to be working ask your doctor for a dietary referral.

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    1 decade ago

    I had many patients with Diverticulitis. I would NOT recommend a colonic. The possibility of rupture is quite high. Not to mention you could inadvertently embed any particles further.

    You really should consult you doctor.

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