How big does a Dachshund get when full grown?

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I was thinking of getting a puppy dauchshund. I want a small lap dog. I was wondering if they are good pets.
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There are two varieties standard and miniature and three coat types, smooth, long haired and wired. The standard doxie weight is 16 to 32 pounds, and the miniature is under 11 pounds and under at 12 months of age and older. They can be stubborn and hard to housebreak but they are sweet and funny. With consistency they can be house broken and trained.
I own three and they can be a pain and a challenge but they are fun. The long haired Dachshund are the most easy going.
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  • infamoushoax answered 7 years ago
    I get to bring home my new Doxie pup home this week!! The breeder that I'm getting her from has several dogs and they are all, from what i've seen, well behaved.

    This will be my first experience owning a Dachshund and beleive me... I've done a TON of reading. I think with all dogs, they come with their own set of personality traits that can be challenging. I'm up for it! I can't wait!!!!
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  • HIPPO answered 7 years ago
    they get about 1 foot tall
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  • lacysmom answered 7 years ago
    I have a little longhair black and tan dachshund. She is nine or ten years old, rescued from a puppy mill at age three. She is 8 1/2 lbs and is the sweetest little lap dog there is. She appreciates every meal, every scrap of affection. She is such a perfect companion that I will probably always have a dachshund now that she has spoiled me!!

    Regarding size, dachshunds can range from about 7 lbs for a miniature, to 25 lbs or so for a standard size. Look around and see where you can get a miniature dachshund locally. There are good breeders in every state, and of course I recommend rescue dogs. Try and type in your zip code and preferred breed.

    Good luck and enjoy your new little companion!
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  • Joseph H answered 7 years ago
    I have a 10 year old black dachshund and he is about 18 in long and 8 or so inches tall... Gotta love em!
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  • Jo answered 7 years ago
    Size depends on the dog. A mini doxie shouldn't weigh over about 11 lbs or its not really a mini. A standard doxie can weigh up to about 30 lbs and looks more like a small basset. The two I have are both girls and weigh about 10 lbs each. My old (about 11 yrs) dog is very protective of me and will get really upset if my husband starts yelling and acting too agressive. Our younger dog is very talkative and just loves my husband to death. Keep an eye on your dog's weight...with those long bodies an overweight doxie is prone to back problems. IMO they make great pets, but sometimes can get irritable when they get old...however my older dog just loves the grandkids, she just hides under the bed when they get too playful with her.
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  • drezdogge answered 7 years ago
    dachshunds come in two flavors, mini and standard, standard can almost reach 50lbs minis dont usually hit 25 either way there are really lapdogs, they are very active and feisty
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