Anyone there know how to do SWOT analysis for celcom in M'sia?

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    SWOT stands for





    If this is for a report

    Strengths: are usually characteristics that a company has that it's competitors don't. Look for loyalty, market share, unique products, patents that they have control over.

    Weaknesses: look for what other companies do better than them.

    Opportunities: try to find ways that the company could improve in the future. the goo thing about this section is you can be creative. Try to think what you would do to make the company better.

    Threats: these are the competitors taking part of your market. Laws which could shut down production or charge you money. Lawsuits or potential lawsuits. Government or political influence (sometimes governments in other countries simply take over the company)

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    You can find examples of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis at the source below.

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    Swot choo say????????

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