do auto insurance companies require police report before processing a auto excident claim??

recently, i had a very minor fender bender by backing out a parking space and hitting a car behind me the damages was not excessive, my car was not damages at all not even a nick are scratch on it but the other person car had some light scratches and slight indentation at that area, i ask her as we got out i am callin police to come write up a police report, she begged me not to, so she ask for my name and phone number only nothing else i felt so weird about that because from my experience u need a police report to even file a claim to ur insurance, but any way my question was can u have ur auto insurance company fix ur car without formal police report? and this person have not contacted me since the car excident.. what now? its been a month..

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    if it is over $1000 you need to report it to the cops

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    hmm... she got YOUR name and number but you didn't say if you got hers?

    Here are some basics:

    For a little ding like you describe (and no injuries) you do not need a police report nor is it likely that you have to file with the state over the accident.

    What you do have to do is EXCHANGE information (license, #, name, insurance, phone, etc...) she got yours ... but how will you contact her.

    Next, notify your insurance company. Suppose she turns in a claim to you in about two months (she has up to two YEARS) which says your car hit her so badly that she has nighmares about it and the car is completely ruined. Sure, its BS, but your insurance company is going to say to you... how come you never told us about even the small accident? You start off from a week defensive position... understand?

    By telling them, they log it in .. if there is no claim there is no investigation or action or anything.. but if a claim comes in, you are covered...

    So.. call the company.. tell them... and then wait. Maybe she had other reasons for not calling you (maybe SHE wasn't insured) and can't claim it without license problems. If so, maybe you will NEVER hear from her again .. a good thing since you say it was your fault.

    Bottom line here:

    1) You tried.. and you did the right things..But next time get THEIR information too...ok?

    2) Now you have more information should it happen again

    3) Relax.. there is nothing you can do about it now nor should you EXCEPT FOR TELLING YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY

    4) After two years (or whatever the maximum time is in your state) you are home free.


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    No, they do not require a police report. Most cops don't go to parking lots when there's a wreck, some don't come out unless someone is injured...this is why it's not "required" for auto accidents. Thefts however, YES it's mandatory.

    If you haven't heard from her, either she's not worried about it or she gave your info to HER insurance and you'll be hearing from them. Didn't you get HER info? If no, why not? That's what you're supposed to do when you have an info. If you got her info, call her & find out what's going on.

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    You d need a police report to file a claim. But the insurance company is the one that obtains that info. You only need to obtain it yourself when filing a suit against that person.

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    No, the police report is merely a tool which can help the insurance company in making decisions, not something mandated by them.

    Notify your insurance company and don't stress over it. If she does contact you in the future, just refer her to your insurance.

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