How do you reset the service lights in a 2000 volvo s80?

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i need to know how to reset the lights or make them go away. I have the power steering light on then the stc service required and the emission required. All the lights turn on at the more
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to reset the service [oil-change] lamp with key in off position push odometer reset button and hold in now turn key to on position and when service lamp blinks release odometer button and then press and hold again until you hear a tone. don't dismay if this doesn't work the first time you try. just do it over, rest assured you will get it.
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  • matts413 answered 7 years ago
    To reset your sevice light...

    1. Hold down the long button on your dash display
    2. Turn key to the #2 position until all lights are displayed
    3. Wait for 'service light' to start blinking (about 6-8 seconds)
    4. Turn key back off and release key for ignition.
    5. Start and your good!
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  • penworkdesigns answered 7 years ago
    You need to go and get your car scanned it is trying to tell you there is a problem. If you don't do it now it will cost you alot more down the road. This I can assure you. There may be some recalls on your Swedish Ford that you are not aware of. And a dealer with the proper diagnostics has to reset the lights. It's not like the older models that you could reset with the ignition or the odometer button.


    Former Volvo service adviser
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  • DIRKDIGGLER answered 7 years ago
    the service lights on your S80 can only be turned off and scanned by the computer at the dealer which I know you didnt want to hear that but they are designed that way to make you go back to the dealer. the only way you can make them go away is by removing the bulbs other wise there is a problem with the stability traction control that is why the stc and pwr steering light is on they are related to the same problem and yes it will probably be expensive to fix and yes it probably is some tiny sensor that failed that is attached to something else that cannot be replaced seperatly so you need to take apart half the car to get to it. Alot of times there was this speed sensor that is in the power steering rack that checked the steering angle that went bad and the entire steering rack had to come out because the part was not available seperately so we had to drop the subframe and replace the entire rack and realign the entire car since the rear wheels could throw off the alignment specs if they were not set as well


    Used to work at VOLVO master mechanic for 5 years
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