what is the weight 44.8 liters of Nitrogen at STP?

(STP) Standard temperature and pressure

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    at STP, one mole of a gas occupies 22.4 Liters. You have 44.8 liters at STP, meaning you have 2 moles of Nitrogen gas. Since you know how much nitrogen gas, you can use the molecular weight to find out how much mass is in 44.8 liters of nitrogen.

    Nitrogen gas has the chemical formula N2. which would have a molecular weight of about 28.014 daltons. Because 1 mole of a substance with a molecular weight of N daltons would have a mass of N grams, you know that 1 mole of N2 has 28.014g of mass. you have 2 moles, so your final answer is 28.014*2=56.028g

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    22.4 L = 1 mole (remember this if you haven't already)

    44.8 L = 2 moles

    1 mole N (nitrogen atom) = 14 grams

    1 mole N2 (nitrogen gas) = 14*2 grams = 28 grams

    2 moles N2 (nitrogen gas) = 28*2 grams = 56 grams (ANSWER)

    Source(s): Visit my website at: http://www.biochemphysics.org/
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    44.8 L N2 time 1 mol N2 / 22.4 L N2 times 28.0 g N2 / 1 mol N2 = 56.0 g N2

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