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How do delete History?

I hold control + H

and history pages came up , I went intenet option>internet properties delete history but it was still there, I even put 0 for the number of days history is allowed to stay


I had to unistall my brower and reunistall and then history was gone , but without unistalling it how do you delete history

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    If your using IE 6

    Click tools at the top of the browser

    Internet options

    You will see clear history right under clear cookies etc.

    In IE 7

    Click tools in the upper right hand corner of the browser

    Internet options

    Browsing history

    Click Delete ALL

    this will delete everything in one motion

    Close your browser and open a new one. If you keep the existing browser open then the history will remain until you close it.

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    Above click Tools, Internet Options and go 2/3 of way down and click Clear History.

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    Apart from previous answers, click on the gold star at the top left of your new IE window and see History by the week or day. Click on each and delete. Incidentally, history does not 'delete' properly until the computer closes down.

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    Tools >> Internet Options >> Clear History.

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    I'm in IE7 - I go to Tools (mine is on the left of the screen), "Delete Browsing History" - this gives you the options to delete, files, passwords, cookies, history. Select "History" & it deletes it.

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    if the internet options-delete history doesn't work try this:

    start button



    system tools

    disk clean up

    then check whatever you want to be "cleaned" including the "history"

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    hit tools, internet option and clear history

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    Download something like Window Washer that will clear out a lot of crap on your system you don't want. You can choose want you want and don't want too.

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    use ccleaner - it's free and easy to use

    it will delete your browser history and a lot more

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    u can downlaod free history cleaner form my website below, clcik at it and download it this will let u easily clena ur temoporary files, coockies and history etc

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