Please help me!!! (job descriptions...)?

Ok, I have a project due for History. I have to create my own presidental cabinet containing secretary of state, secretary of war, secretary of the treausry, and an attorney general. The problem is, I cant find anyone/anything that can tell me what exactly these people do and what characteristic triats they need to have in order to be good at the job.(example, like a people person, or a natural leader,ect)

Can someone put in simple defention, what these jobs are? Please? What they do, and what the people I chose need to be good at in order to hold these jobs?



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    In the United States federal government, Secretary of State has the unique meaning of the official responsible for foreign policy.

    The Secretary of War was a member of the United States President's Cabinet, beginning with George Washington's administration. The Secretary of War led the War Department. At first, he was responsible for all military affairs. In 1798, the Secretary of the Navy was added to the cabinet, and the scope of this office was reduced to a general concern with the Army. In 1947, the departments were recombined under the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary of War was replaced by the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Air Force, non-Cabinet positions under the Secretary of Defense.

    The United States Secretary of the Treasury is the head of the United States Department of the Treasury, concerned with finance and monetary matters, and, until 2003, some issues of national security and defense.

    In the Federal Government of the United States, the Attorney General is a member of the Cabinet and as head of the Department of Justice is the top law enforcement officer and lawyer for the government. The attorney general may need to be distinguished from the Solicitor General, a high Justice Department official with the responsibility of representing the government in the Supreme Court. In cases of exceptional importance, however, the Attorney General may choose to represent the government himself/herself in the Supreme Court.

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    Secretary of State- would probably need to be a good negotiator and good at making deals where everyone comes out the winner. It would be great if they were fluent in as many languages as possible and they should be knowledgeable and respect different customs and cultures. They should also have similar political views and aspirations for the country as you do. The Secretary of State's job is to be a representative of your administration and develop relationships with other countries for the benefit of the US. Any relationship that we have with other countries is the Secretary of State's job to work with it.

    Secretary of War- should obviously be a person that has done very well in the military. If I had to pick a Secretary of War to take over RIGHT NOW I would choose someone with great leadership abilities and someone who knows how to use their resources (resources being the US armed forces and equipment) This person would also advise the President about what to do next in war and if war is even an answer.

    Secretary of treasury.- Someone who was very good in economics class. This person oversees the countries expenses/budget. Advises the president on what to do about taxes (raise or lower them) For the US, I would pick someone who has the same views as I do as to where the country's money needs to go.

    attorney general- This person is the country's lawyer. This person should be thorough in their work.

    You should choose people who have similar views as you do on their respective areas of expertise. (like don't choose a secretary of state that wants peace in the Middle East if you want to have an all-out war) So you might want to think about what your feelings are on these issues to include them in your reasoning. These people are here to advise you on what to do-you make all of the final decisions so you probably wouldn't want someone who is overpowering or is like a dictator. Hope this helps

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