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i'm new cook (beginner) can i use curry powder in place...?

of chilli powder? i'm beginning cook.

also -

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    Two different things. A closer substitute would be cumin. Cumin is a milder, sweeter flavor, but still way closer than curry to chili powder.

  • Shay
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    curry powder is not the same as chili powder--chili powder is added for a spicy feel--while curry powder may or may not be spicy depending on the brand adn type of curry powder Curry powder is actually a mix of many differnt spices ground together and it depends what's in it--Check the label--if your curry powder has a lot of red chili in it --then it might be okay--but it will also add many other flavors to your meal--if you are into those flavors or are willing to experiment with new tastes--go for it...

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    You might be able to get away with it if it is a RED curry Powder. If it is yellow in collor it will not even be close. But best bet is to go to the store and get the required ingredient before experimenting too much.

    My tip always try it once the right way before trying substitions.

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    No as curry powder is flavoured and contains chilli powder and chilli powder is just hot. I would invest in some!

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    The flavor is compleatly different so personally I wouldn't do it but then again I am not a real fan of the flavor of curry except in certain dishes but no it is not near the same thing at all

  • gg
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    No no no no no!

    don't do it!

    Keep curry powder out of your kitchen. It isn't necessary unless you create your own to use in indian food.

    If you don't have chili powder,use this:

    Paprika with a teeny bit of: cayenne (hot) pepper, cumin, and onion powder and garlic powder.

  • chante
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    What are you making? How can we say without even knowing the dish? Curry is an Indian spice, Chili is more Mexican/Tex Mex.

  • Anonymous
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    NO! Curry powder is quite different than chili powder. - also WHAT?

  • Elba
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    4 years ago

    Chicken tikka masala goes very well with Indian styled crepes as well as Naan(similar to a pita bread) as for a veg side dish Peas Masala or aloo mutter wud do good..and it is healthy as well and easy to prepare..

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    No. You need to taste the difference.

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