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Is corporal punishment still legal and active in some states schools?

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    If you are in Texas, then I believe all public schools have the right to paddle your child IF the parents give written consent for disciplinary measures to be taken. My parents don't allow it, and most of my friends' parents don't because they understand that if you paddle a child, then you are making a big mistake. We resent anybody who does something like that. I would dropkick a person in the throat if they tried to paddle me. My friend Clairissa (kinda says she would hit right back. Just because parents/teachers, etc. are bigger and "wiser" than us, it doesn't give them the right to physically beat you. The people that actually get beaten laugh about it. This is from the people who get the paddle broken over them... People take paddling way overboard when they do it too. If the parents have given consent for being beaten, then the child can choose between, say, 5 days of ISS (In School Suspension) or 5 Swats. Anyway, I'm not the kind of person who gets swats... or iss... I'm hoping to get Valedictorian, but I'm not sure I will.. It's close between me and my best friend... It makes it harder... He's kinda stopped caring about whether he does good or not... Or so he wants us to think I think... lol, anyway, there's your answer. Yes, they still have it in many schools (so that children can legally be abused by the assistant principal) and yes, it is the worst idea ever made. Just like sending people who say, stole a school pencil to AEP (Alternative Education Program) where they are put in the same room with the people who try to shoot teachers. Anyway, there you go.

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    In UK state schools? No, it's utterly illegal, and has been since the mid-1980s. It was finally banned for private schools too, in 1998. So if it's active anywhere it needs reporting, since it's both illegal and barbaric!!

    Teachers have always been (and still are) allowed to use 'reasonable force' to restrain a student who's a danger to themself or others. The difference is, they mustn't use force with the intent of punishing a child or causing them injury, as corporal punishment did.

    For info, it's illegal in schools in all other EU countries, too.

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    Yes, it is.. In the state of Georgia, our public schools, (which get their money from the state, and ARE therefore, state schools,) give a parent a choice at the beginning of the school year, that, if their child misbehaves enough to need a paddling, can they be given one.

    My feeling there is, if >I< were to paddle my child, the child gestapo would be on my hiney in a minute.. therefore, there is no way I am going to allow the state the right to abuse my child.

    Sidebar to jh, as a parent I know the concept, and practice it, BUT, with the child protective services, ie gestapo, waiting to pounce at the slightest hint of abuse, care must be taken to protect the parent..

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    Yes! Parents have to give written concent on how and when the child can get punished. I did my student teaching in a school in Florida, and the parents gave written permission to have their children paddled after being repremanded five times.

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    I think its still used in some public schools, but not in state schools.

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    We can only hope... today's kids are out of control and today's parents do not know the concept of discipline.

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