What is the temp that is too cold for the kids to stand out at the bus stop?

Is there a law or guideline that says a certain temp is too cold for kids to stand out at the bus stop. For example, in our city the temp will be -13, and the wind chill will be colder than that. I see that some schools have delayed and cancelled school for the first two days of the week We are going to be the same temp and wind chill for the entire state of Indiana and for the first part of the week. Is there any law that says you don't have to make your kids stand at the bus stop to go to school. Where does the law protect (start, and stop) when it comes to this?

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    Girl, I don't know, but all the schools here just closed this morning. It makes me wish I was still in school!

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    That is a good question. I live in Indiana too and I would think that if there is any risk of your children getting hypothermia or frostbite standing at the bus stop then they should delay school until the temperatures rise a bit. Especially since some parents are not at the bus stop to monitor what their children are wearing. Some of them don't even wear hats or gloves. My sons bus stop is a good five minute walk away and you have to be there at least five minutes early. That means your child has to stand out there for a minimum of 10 minutes in -15 degree weather. I was outside for 5 minutes the other day (it wasn't as cold as this week) and my fingers where burning. I was wearing pretty warm gloves too. So my answer to your question is: If you think that it's too cold outside for your children and you think they could get frostbite standing at the bus stop; forget what the law says, either call them in sick or drive them to school. Your child's well being is more important than missing one day of school.

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    There may be some places that have laws saying that at a certain tempreture is too cold to have school. But I suspect that it is not necessary.

    Buses do not do well in cold weather. Most use diesel fuel which likes to gel up when it gets too cold.

    Bus drivers and Bus administrators will be out in the cold more than most students, and more likely to be injured by cold weather. A lot of kids get driven to their bus stops and wait in the car. most School buses are kept outside, require five to fifteen minutes of "pretrip" inspection, and warm up VERY SLOWLY.

    Also,even though kids might get cold at their bus stop, but they will almost certainly go outside after school gets closed. I sure would.

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    I also live in indiana, when I was in school the wind chill had to be -15 F the real temp didn't matter.

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