in the state of ohio is there a law where they can't disconnect your gas if it is under a set temperature out

i received a disconnect notice and have no money so i called emergency heap. but they still disconnected me and it is -2 outside and -19 with the wind chill. i also have a four month old son what can i do. is there some sort of law against this. i called columbia gas and argued with the guy for fifteen minutes and all he said was without $194 there is nothing i can do for you. and he said at 1:00 pm on the phone with him he could do nothing till monday even if i had the money. i talked to him on friday. and info will be greatly appreciated. thank you ~frozen tozen

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    This is a direct quote of the Ohio state disconnect policy. There is no temperature requirement.

    Seasonal Policy

    Winter protection adds 10 days notice before shut-off occurs. Customers below 150% of poverty can avoid disconnection by enrolling in and following requirements of Percentage of Income Payment plan. Customers can maintain service if they have a disconnect notice or become reconnected under the Winter Reconnect Payment Program by paying a minimum of $175 and agreeing to a payment plan for the balance. This program is from November 1st to April 15th but can only be done one time during these months.


    30 day disconnect delay if dangerous to health as certified by a medical professional, may be renewed twice. Disconnect is prohibited if medical or life support equipment is necessary.

    Deferred Payments

    Disconnection is prohibited for Percentage of Income Plan (PIP) customers as long as they remain current with their PIPP payment.

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    It would have helped greatly if you would have called long before the disconnect. If you would have said there was an infant in the house they would have never disconnected you. However, since this has happened already they will just plead ignorance in court. The problem is that now you will have to spend more $ on getting a lawyer to sue than it would have been to pay the bill in the first place. Best bet now is head to Wal-Mart and get an electric space heater, close off a portion of the house and survive till you can pay the bill. Make sure you contact the electric company if you are late with that bill and set up a payment plan that you can afford! Remember the electric bill is going to skyrocket when the space heater is activated. Good Luck!

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    I'm guessing you're near Toledo (frozen toezen). Unfortunately, I don't think there are any laws on the books to protect the consumer. If you contact the Salvation Army, I believe that they have money set aside for such things, and they may be able to help you. I have Columbia Gas, too, and they are ruthless.

    I always write "choke on it" on the memo line of my checks to them.

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    No laws about gas disconnect. Try to contact P.U.C.O. or Columbia about their programs for low income families. I gotta say, if it were me with a baby, I think I would give up the ISP before I would give up the heat.

    Good luck to you.

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    I am so sorry this has happened to you. It is freezing here in southern Ohio. There is no law that I know of, but go to emergency HEAP as soon as possible. Hopefully they can get it back on the next day.

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