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whats earth day???

whats earth day?

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    earth day is the same thing as arbor day. usually people plant a tree that day or p/u trash or recycle cans,glass or paper they have collected throughout the year. earth day... help the most calanders have the day marked like presidents day. so, now that u know ,will u do sumthin to help the enviroment?

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    Lenin's birthday, making earth day a communist holiday.

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    Earth day,is when you volunteer to pick up garbage on the the side of the road ,or just pick up garbage .

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    Being conscience of the upkeep of the Planet that we all live on and profit from !

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    "" we are advanced apes on the 3rd planet of the sun""" professor stephen hawking

    we exist because of the sun. love the sun and earth.

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    a big hoax but it should be everyday

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    A JOKE.

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