Jews (and others) is this statement about the holocaust anti-semitic or holocaust denial?

"The holocaust is something which is, I believe, (and I’ve heard many speakers here say) is something which is very hard to say that the Jewish people did not suffer. I mean somebody has to be, I think, either very very embittered or a person who doesn’t want to open his mind to study, to say that the Jewish people weren’t exterminated.

The fact is that there were millions and millions of Jewish people living in Europe before World War II. Poland, the statistics say around 3 million, and Hungary there was over half a million, maybe close to a million and you go through Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Rumania and Ukraine, they were all full of Jewish people, full of Jewish communities and today they don’t exist.

And almost nobody tries to refute that. It would be ridiculous to refute it because the fact is, the Jewish people were there and now they are not there.


Now maybe I can say that at the discussion of the holocaust, I may be the representative, the voice of the people who died in the holocaust because my grandparents died there. They were killed in Auschwitz. My parents were from Hungary.

My father escaped and his parents remained. He wasn’t able to get them out of Hungary and they died in Auschwitz as were other relatives and all the communities that they knew. So to say that they didn’t die, to me you can not say that. I am the living remnant of the people who died in the holocaust and I am here,

I believe sent by God, to humbly say, simply to speak to the people here and say, “you should know that the Jewish people died, and do not try to say that it did not happen. They did die.” There are people throughout the Jewish communities, still alive in their seventies and eighties and every one of them will tell you their stories. It is something which you can not refute.

Update 2:

Is that very long, unfortunately, quote anti-semitic or holocaust denial, and should the man who made that quote be pelted with stones and have his windows knocked out?

Update 3:

Maybe you people aren't reading properly. The quote ends at the word "refute" in the second edit.

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    I would say neither. This person is saying that the Holocaust did in fact happen, and it seems that he has nothing against Jews. Are you and I reading the same statement?

  • Tara
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    4 years ago

    Hm, that's strange, because I seem to recall Chomsky saying something to the effect that 'even to enter into the arena of debate about whether or not the Holocaust took place is already to have lost one's humanity." I believe the statement you are referring to came from Chomsky's argument that if a person denies the Holocaust that person should not therefore go to prison. Furthermore, as it is important to protect the freedom of academic inquiry (even ridiculous inquiry such as denying the Holocaust) it is important to acknowledge that questioning the historical validity of a claim of genocide does not necessarily indicate a prejudice of the inquirer against the group making the claim. That is, in theory, one could have crackpot reasons for doubting the Holocaust without also being an anti-Semite. I happen to agree with that. However, assuming that I accept this phrase outside of its original context, and dropping everything that I know about Chomsky (who was raised Jewish, and whose father was a Hebrew school teacher), I think it's pretty obvious that denying the Holocaust usually indicates anti-Semitism.

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    IT is a lie by history revisionist that there was no holocaust. There are still people alive and well living in the USA that can tell you the horrible stories of the holocaust. When I was in school 30 years ago we had to watch movies of the people starved to skin and bone and put in the gas chamber and then stacked in piles.

    I wonder how there is a holocaust museum in Washington D.C if there was no holocaust. Also how did the USA try Adolph Eichman if the atrocities were not so?

    People who claim this just do not want to face reality and they have some agenda they are after that conflicts with the truth. I can not believe they need to have a conference to discuss if the holocaust really happened or not. How pathetic!!!!

    P.S. Hitler had non jews in concentration camps and exterminated as well as the Jewish. It was not limited to Jews but

    was mostly Jews that died. My ex mother in law was in a camp when she was a child.

  • Anonymous
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    Throwing rocks at people who are suffering this delusional denial would not solve anything. They need to be vigorously and energetically ignored. This would be easy if there werent so many weak-minded people out there who want to go along with the lie that there was no holocaust. How do you explain all those records and memories of it, how do you explain that big hole in Europe where the Jews used to be, how do you explain those camps.

    This madness is exactly why there MUST be a state of Israel. The supposed free countries of the world, including mine under Franklin Deluded Roosevelt, sat on their butts while an entire people was being murdered. There must be an Israel to defend the Jewish people because nobody else here will.

    Source(s): History on the Real
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    Any person that denies the Holocaust should be pitied because he is a fool.

    He is such for two reasons.

    He is denying historical fact.

    He is speaking against god's chosen people.

    Either way he needs pray, understanding and forgiveness.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course the holocaust happened.

    May God bless each and every one of the victims of that atrocity and their families.

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    Jews were not exterminated at all, They are all over the world, they have a lot of power and It was terrible what happened in Europe during WWII but bad things have happen not only for Jews, Have you thought of Stalin how many he killed, How many were killed not far away in Rwanda... How many are killed because abortion, How many are killed for so many and many reasons, the Holocaust is not for jews but for a lot of human beings throughout history.

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