Chronic Constipation?

I have had chronic constipation for several years now, I changed my lifestyle to a more healtheir one however i still cant go to the bathroom normally. I usually take lots of laxatives and then I will go. Has anyone ever had this problem if so what helped you go to the bathroom normally. I even got some very dried peeling feet because of this condition. Nothing has helped both problems Help any suggestions will help

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    If I was you I would go to the doctors so he/she can run some tests.

    The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Constipation. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

    * Dehydration

    * Poor diet

    * Low-fiber diet

    * Inadequate water intake

    * Laxative abuse (see Drug abuse)

    Organs affected by Constipation:

    The list of organs typically affected by Constipation may include, but is not limited to:

    * Large bowel

    * Small bowel

    * Stomach

    ▲TopDiagnostic tests for Constipation:

    Various tests are used in the diagnosis of Constipation. Some of these are listed below :

    * Physical examination

    o Inspection of external anus looking for disease that may cause constipation e.g. anal fissure; or pathology that may be a result of constipation e.g. hemorrhoids, anal fissure

    o Digital rectal examination - if there are symptoms of intestinal obstruction and the rectum is empty it may suggest complete intestinal obstruction but if there are some feces in the rectum there may be an incomplete intestinal obstruction; if rectal mass is found it suggests colon cancer

    o Test perianal sensation and the anal reflex to support neurological cause of bowel infrequency

    o Abdominal examination for tenderness, mass, fecal loading, abdominal distention or irregular liver edge (due to metastases from colon cancer)

    See full list of 16 diagnostic tests for Constipation

    ▲Top Questions your doctor may ask when considering Constipation as a symptom

    During a consultation, your doctor will use various techniques in their assessment of Constipation. These may include a physical examination or other tests. Your doctor may ask several questions when assessing your condition. It is important to remember that your consultation is a two-way process and any extra information you can share with your doctor may help them with their diagnosis.

    Sometimes, other symptoms may be present and may help your doctor analyse your condition. these may include:

    * Bloody stool with painful evacuation? - may suggest hemorrhoids or anal fissure. If defecation is painful it may cause you to delay moving your bowels due to fear of the pain which may further perpetuate the problem.

    * Bloody stool with painless evacuation? - may suggest colon cancer or diverticulitis

    * Blood and mucous in the stool? - may suggest inflammatory bowel disease

    * Fecal incontinence? - may suggest constipation with overflow of liquid feces. This can occur in children and adults.

    * Symptoms of intestinal obstruction? - e.g. abdominal pain, vomiting, loud bowel sounds

    See full list of 9 doctor questions about other symptoms of Constipation

    ▲TopConstipation and other symptoms

    The cause of Constipation may be more easily identified if other symptoms exist. Listed below are some combinations of symptoms associated with Constipation, as listed in our database. When you follow a link to our interactive multiple symptoms page, you will be able to modify your list by adding and removing symptoms thus helping to better research your condition.

    Interactive Multiple Symptom Page - Other Symptoms

    * Constipation and other symptoms

    Interactive Multiple Symptom Page Combinations

    * Constipation and Arm weakness

    * Constipation and Neck symptoms

    * Constipation and Eyelid paralysis

    * Constipation and Ascites

    * Constipation and Arm blueness

    * Constipation and Autonomic nerve symptoms

    * Constipation and Circulation symptoms

    * Constipation and Emotional symptoms

    * Constipation and Hand symptoms

    * Constipation and Toe coldness

    * Constipation and Dehydration

    * Constipation and Sexual symptoms

    * Constipation and Hallucinations

    * Constipation and Epistaxis

    * Constipation and Buttock symptoms

    * Constipation and Knee burning sensation

    * Constipation and Hyperactivity

    * Constipation and Spine symptoms

    * Constipation and Wrist blueness

    * Constipation and Paresthesias

    See full list of 952 symptom search combinations related to Constipation

    ▲TopDetailed list of causes of Constipation

    The list below shows some of the causes of Constipation mentioned in various sources:

    * Abdominal Cancer - constipation

    * Abdominal irradiation

    * Acute Appendicitis - constipation

    * Acute appendicitis

    * Acute intermittent porphyria

    See full list of 256 causes of Constipation

    ▲TopHow Common are these Causes of Constipation?

    This information refers to the general prevalence and incidence of these diseases, not to how likely they are to be the actual cause of Constipation. Of the 256 causes of Constipation that we have listed, we have the following prevalence/incidence information:

    * 12 causes are "very common" diseases

    * 16 causes are "common" diseases

    * 15 causes are "uncommon" diseases

    * 2 causes are "rare" diseases

    * 14 causes are "very rare" diseases

    * 220 causes have no prevalence information.

    See the analysis of the prevalence of 256 causes of Constipation

    * Inadequate exercise

    * Potty training difficulties - various problems such as bad previous experiences, unfamiliar environments, family stress, and so on can cause problems with constipation in young children.

    * Pregnancy

    * Advancing age

    * Travel-related constipation (type of Constipation)

    * Poor bowel habits

    * Certain medications

    * Various medical conditions:

    o Hypothyroidism

    o Multiple sclerosis

    o Lupus

    o Parkinson's disease

    o Stroke

    o Spinal cord injuries

    o Spinal cord disorder

    o Diabetes

    o Thyroid diseases

    o Uremia

    o Amyloidosis

    o Scleroderma

    * Digestive disorders

    o Irritable bowel syndrome

    o Bowel inflammation (see Bowel problems)

    o Crohn's disease

    o Colon problems (see Bowel problems)

    o Colon polyp

    o Colon tumor

    o Colon cancer

    o Rectum problems

    o Intestinal problems

    o Intestinal obstruction

    o Intestinal adhesions

    o Diverticulosis

    o Intestine tumors

    o Colorectal stricture

    o Hirschsprung's disease

    o Chronic idiopathic constipation (type of Constipation)

    o Vitamin B deficiency - causing colon muscles to misfunction.

    * Anorectal conditions

    o Anorectal dysfunction

    o Anismus

    o Rectal prolapse

    * Painful defecation (see Pain) - any cause of painful defecation, especially in children, may cause them to hold back a bowel movement leading to constipation.

    o Hemorrhoids

    o Anal fissure

    o Rectal bleeding (type of Gastrointestinal bleeding)

    * See also causes of constipation

    * Acute intestinal obstruction

    * Sudden alteration of daily habits e.g. hospital admission

    * Fedal impaction

    * Gallstone ileus

    * Pedunculated tumor

    * Meconium ileus

    * Congenital atresia

    * Crohn's disease

    * Intestinal tumor

    * Diverticular disease

    * Tuberculous stricture of intestine

    * Strangulated hernia (type of Hernia)

    * Volvulus

    * Intestinal intussusception

    * Intestinal adhesions

    * Intestinal bands

    * Imperforate anus

    * Stenosis of the intestine

    * Volvulus neonatorum

    * Strangulated inguinal hernia

    * Intraperitoneal inflammation

    * Carcinoma of the bowel

    * Postoperative adhesions

    * Acute appendicitis

    * Salpingitis

    * Perforated peptic ulcer

    * Biliary colic (type of Biliary disorder)

    * Renal colic

    * Lead colic

    * Bed confinement

    * Prolapsed piles

    * Colon carcinoma

    * Adynamic bowel

    * Senility

    * Spinal cord injury

    * Spinal cord disease

    * Myxoedema

    * Peristaltic activity reducing drugs

    * Dehydration

    * Starvation

    * Dyschezia

    * Strabgykated genirrgiuds

    * Perianal abscess

    * Tabes dorsalis

    * Spinal compression due to tumor

    * Transverse myelitis

    * Disseminated sclerosis

    * Traumatic spinal cord transection

    * Lead poisoning

    * Anal fissure

    * Anorectal abscess (type of Abscess)

    * Cirrhosis

    * Diabetic neuropathy

    * Diverticulitis

    * Hemorrhoids

    * Hepatic porphyria

    * Intestinal obstruction

    * Irritable bowel syndrome

    * Mesenteric artery ischemia

    * Spinal cord lesion

    * Barium retention during GI studies

    * Rectoanal surgery

    * Abdominal irradiation

    * Bedridden patients

    * Changes in diet

    * Bowel prolapse

    * Under-active thyroid gland (see Thyroid symptoms)

    * Large intestine tumor

    * Large intestine cancer

    * Depression

    * Psychiatric disturbances (see Psychological problems)

    * Hypercalcemia

    * Blood chemical imbalance

    * Burnett's syndrome

    - (Source - WD writers)

    Causes of Constipation listed in Disease Database:

    Other medical conditions listed in the Disease Database as possible causes of Constipation as a symptom include:

    * Acute intermittent porphyria

    * Alosetron

    * Aluminium hydroxide

    * Amantadine

    * Amitriptyline

    * Anal fissure

    * Anorexia nervosa

    * Antipsychotic agents

    * Atropine

    * Bromocriptine

    * Cabergoline

    * Chagas' disease

    * Chlorpheniramine

    * Chlorpromazine

    * Cilansetron

    * Cinnarizine

    * Codeine

    * Codeine phosphate

    * Colestyramine

    * Colonic diverticulosis

    * Colorectal cancer

    * Coproporphyria, hereditary

    * Dehydration

    * Desipramine

    * Diamorphine

    * Diphenhydramine

    * Diphenoxylate

    * Dolasetron

    * Dothiepin

    * Faecal impaction

    * Functional disorders

    * Granisetron

    * Haemorrhoids

    * Hexamethonium

    * Hirschsprung's disease

    * Hydroxyzine

    * Hypercalcaemia

    * Hyperparathyroidism, primary

    * Hypokalaemia

    * Hypothyroidism

    * Ileus

    * Immobility

    * Iron compounds

    * Irritable bowel syndrome

    * Large bowel obstruction

    * Laxative abuse

    * Lead

    * Lerisetron

    * Levomepromazine

    * Loperamide

    * Low fibre diet

    * Lysuride

    * Methadone

    * Multiple sclerosis

    * Muscarinic antagonists

    * Nortriptyline

    * Ondansetron

    * Palonosetron

    * Perazine

    * Pergolide

    * Phenelzine

    * Pipothiazine

    * Piribedil

    * Pizotifen

    * Pregnancy

    * Primary affective disorder

    * Prochlorperazine

    * Rectocoele

    * Ropinirole

    * Small bowel obstruction

    * Spinal cord injury, chronic phase

    * Sterculia

    * Superior mesenteric artery occlusion

    * Systemic sclerosis

    * Tropisetron

    * Verapamil

    - (Source - Diseases Database)

    ▲TopMedications or substances causing Constipation:

    The following drugs, medications, substances or toxins are some of the possible causes of Constipation as a symptom. This list is incomplete and various other drugs or substances may cause your symptoms. Always advise your doctor of any medications or treatments you are using, including prescription, over-the-counter, supplements, herbal or alternative treatments.

    * Laxative overuse

    * Pain medications - some, especially narcotics

    * Morphine

    * Codeine

    * Antacids - those with aluminum

    See full list of 1888 medications causing Constipation

    ▲TopDrug interactions causing Constipation:

    When combined, certain drugs, medications, substances or toxins may react causing Constipation as a symptom.

    The list below is incomplete and various other drugs or substances may cause your symptoms. Always advise your doctor of any medications or treatments you are using, including prescription, over-the-counter, supplements, herbal or alternative treatments.

    * Cyclobenzaprine and narcotic pain reliever interaction

    * Flexeril and narcotic pain reliever interaction

    * Cyclobenzaprine and ipratropium interaction

    * Flexeril and ipratropium interaction

    * Cyclobenzaprine and other anticholinergic drug interaction

    See full list of 514 drug interactions causing Constipation

    ▲TopConditions listing symptoms: Constipation:

    The following list of conditions have 'Constipation' or similar listed as a symptom in our database. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete. Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the cause of any symptom.

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    Best Constipation Cures

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    Long term use of laxatives can weaken your system and actually cause constipation. It is a self perpetuating cycle. It might be a good idea to wean yourself off the laxatives. If you do it all at once, you will probably be miserable. But if you could do it gradually and then replace the laxatives with dried prunes and applesauce. You could also check online and find other foods that have a laxative effect.

    When my feet get dried out, I make sure they are very clean and dry. Then spray them with rubbing alcohol. After that dries, saturate them with almond, grapeseed, olive or other natural oil, and put socks on before going to bed. By morning they are much softer. Below is a website with other natural treatments for dry feet.

    I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
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    My first statement is not a indictment of you specifically, but most of the time, when people say that they have changed to a more healthy diet/lifestyle, they haven't really done so because they have no real idea what such a diet or lifestyle actually means.

    Part of our problem, though. IS your reliance on laxatives. It's simply the wrong way to go about this. Laxatives are OK once in a while, but not on a regular basis.

    Your diet needs to be at least 25% fibre, and more of that as soluble than insoluble fibre. And you need to drink far more water than you are. How do I know this? Because you've said so. Because you are so dehydrated that even your feet are peeling. You need a minimum of 8 glasses of water or other clear fluids a day. Fruit juice is not a clear fluid. Coffee is not a clear fluid, Tea, unless it's herbal tea, is not a clear fluid. In fact, for every glass of caffeinated beverage that you consume in a day, you need to add another 2 glasses of water, one as water and one to replace the fluid that you lose from the diuretic effect of caffeine.

    And see your doctor. There could be far more going on. That and the best way for you to figure out a healthy diet is to work with a registered dietitian (NOT a nutritionist), and you need a referral from your doctor for that.

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    Hi our eldest child suffered severe constipation. We were introduced to a product called Jade Green enzymes and Lactoferrin capsules. Both are totally natural and have worked amazingly. Our little boy has now never been so regular. Worth a try!

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    You are addicted to laxative. Now your body doesn't know how to go any other way. You must STOP taking them. Start drinking a lot and I mean a whole lot of water. Change you diet. You must eat more fiber, fruits and vegetables. Drink grape juice. If you will begin to eat properly, you problem will disappear!!!!! Eat lots and lots of fruit. STOP all junk food, empty calorie foods, eliminate all sodas--even diet drinks they are bad for you and eliminate all things that are bad for you!! If you take this advice you will soon be as fit as a fiddle!!

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    If I were you I would eat plenty of fruits and veggies EVERY day and iof that is too hard, make sure you drink 100% juice along with water. Also, whole grain fibers and maybe a cup of prune juice a day.

  • I used to too. I even ate an obscene amt. of Fiber. Its been said that your intestines are like your second brain and hold emotional stuff. So, the moment i started to identify if i was "holding on to stuff" then "letting it go" my constipation started going away. Then i started taking something called "Fibergy" and some antioxidants by Usana Health Sciences to support it...OHHH, and drink plenty of water. check out usana, you can even get their products at wholesale if you ask

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    Metamucil every day with 8 ounces of water every morning... drink 64 ounces of water a day, every day, get religious about it.

    1 hour of walking or other exercise every day to get moving, more movement more bowel activity.

    you should be doing better in about 10 days. Get off the laxatives, they actually stop your system from performing naturally.

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    Instead of taking laxatives, perhaps you should try eating lots more fiber and/or taking a fiber supplement.

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    try aloe vera juice or aloe vera colon cleanse tablets. i use these i think there great they really help. you can get these at holland and barrett.. an 75% off this wk.

    you could also try lepicol ( its a fibre and probiotic supplement )you can get this from holland and barrett too or maybe try for a free sample at healthy bowels .com

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