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Andy asked in TravelAsia PacificThailand · 1 decade ago

How do you play Pok Deng?

When I used to live in Thailand, I played a popular card game called Pok Deng, or I think it was also known as Pok Paed Pok Gao. But I can't remember how to play it and I cant find anything online about it. Can someone post the rules so that I may introduce this Thai card game to my friends in America? Thanks!

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    1. Each player plays against dealer.

    2. Starting with 2 cards each, one is open and seen by everybody. You may ask for one extra card if you like (only 1 is allowed)

    3. The total scores added, use the last digit of net score counted for instance, net combined scores are

    9, 19, 29 your score is = 9...... 3, 13, 23, = 3 ....5, 15, 25 is 5 .... 0, 10, 20, 30 = 0 etc.

    Higher score win.

    4. If your score (2 cards only) added up and ended with 8 or 9.. then you have to declare right away and win (unless the dealer match or has higher score, 8 or 9 with 2 cards too, then it'll be draw or else). Paed = 8, Gao = 9, Pok... guess it came from jackpot.

    5. If any of player has the same card picture (spade, club, heart, diamond), we call "Deng".. got the bonus

    2 same picture, - double pay

    3 same picture, triple pay

    6. If the cards are in sequence, straight - 3 times

    7. if 3 cards with the same number - 5 times

    8. If all 3 cards (not 2 cards) are any of Jack Queen King, 3 times

    You may choose to play without dealer, i.e., all play against each other. We call "Talum ball"..... Enjoy

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  • 1 decade ago

    HAAAHAHAHAHAH one of my favorite gambling games ever! Basically you get dealt 2 cards. You play against the "dealer" (who is against everyone else). You have to beat him. If you open your cards and you add the value and you get 8 or 9, means you have Pok Paed or Pok Gao right away and you win right away, so long as the dealer doesnt have that either. Then it gets a little more complicated when there are three "daengs" and 5 "daengs." These basically mean 3 times or 5 times the value. You get these if you have numbers in sequence, with the same colour or have 3 picture cards or 3 of the same number cards.

    Source(s): I PLAY IT ALL THE TIME:)
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  • 3 years ago

    Play Pok

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  • Jeanne
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    4 years ago

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    You r right. Luol Deng is a very unique player. he is very tall and lankey but he has the ability to shoot over evryone. He is constantly moving on offense and he has a great fade away because of his hangtime. Idk if i would go as far as to say he is this years D-Wade. i dont think he could average 40 a game in the finals. He kinda reminds me of T-Mac with his ability to drive down the lane and shoot over everyone. But he is definitly an all-star next year. Actually, now that i think of it, he reminds me of this years Josh Howard from Dallas. He does it all and when he play good his team wins. The same goes for Deng. when deng is scoring, the bulls are winning. Its funny cause everytime that he scored last night against miami, all i could say was "Dang". The announcer should say that every time he scores. Just "DANG"

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  • 1 decade ago

    You start with two cards each and then you can ask for one more if you want. The winner is the person whose card value is nearest to nine. If you have more than that you have to start to count from one again.

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