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can one tell me what happen between leonardo dicaprio and his girl freind ?

if you know what happend please say to me I love leonardo dicaprio so much......

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    Who would have thought that Hollywood heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio will be dumped by a woman? Well, he just was.

    Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who was dating DiCaprio for the past 4 years, decided that it was way too long to wait for the important question. Since Leo wasn’t ready to propose yet, he is out of the door.

    This is not the first time the relationship hit some bumps. They broke up before reportedly because Gisele was tired of Leo’s womanizing nature.

    Now, the Brazilian beauty does not see Leonardo as the man she will marry (a source said), so it is over. Waiting for 4 years was long enough.

    Apparently Gisele was comforted by Josh Hartnett, who she became friends with at party thrown by designer Marc Jacobs in New York.

    We’ll see if Leo can come up with a sweet enough apology. Maybe a ring? Or maybe he also does not see her as the woman he will spend the rest of his life with?

    Source(s): He has a new gf now tho...another model.
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    I know what happened but its Hollywood Intel, your just gonna have to go the rags for your info.

    Signed Never breaks confidences

    Even of those folk I dont know personal

    Source(s): I know people who know people, and I wouldnt say people personal business even if they were not celebritys we should not gossip as people, isnt it really between him and her ( in principle)
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    Miss G wanted to get married. Mr. L did not, so they parted ways. Miss G said she had waited long enough.

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    leonardo is die...and girl friend die too.

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    My opinion of Leo is that he develop right into a gorgeous newborn who develop into probable pushed into the career through his mom, yet has matured right into a gifted actor. i did not rush to the theater to make certain tremendous considering I had already considered countless videos about the sinking of the total which contains "a evening to keep in recommendations," which I had to seem ahead to homework in 4th grade , and the "Poseidon experience," when I pronounced tremendous on Video, I loved it and loved Leonardo in his position in it.. through the time Leonardo develop into in "Gangs of ny," he had matured right into a really effective actor. i glance ahead to seeing him in, "the total Gatsby." I have heard that Fitzgerald depending Jay Gatsby on George Remus "The King of the Bootleggers." Fitzgerald met Remus on countless events on the Seelbach inn in Louisville, KY. As Leo receives older and stockier, he has a tendency to seem bodily extra like Remus.

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    Because he came out the closet and admitted he was gay!

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    He got sick of her, as men usually do, and dumped her, whoever she is.

    Please work on your grammar.

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    They broke up?

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    he killed her

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