Which methodology do you use to design software?

I need the following info from as many Software Engineers as possible:

Since when do you develop software?

Which methodology do you apply?

What kind of software do you develop?

Which tools do you use to develop it?

How much time do you require to develop it?

How do you figure out its cost?

Which company do you work for?

It will be interesting to contrast different experiences from various programmers.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm a student in Programming. C, C++ and Java languages are whats mostly used today. Depending on what type of software you decide to create is how long it'll take. Sometimes a few days sometimes years. I look at the same type of software on the market and its price then i go a little lower. I dont work for a company i'm going to be an ISV (independant software vendor).

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