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Where can I find the name of some books I remember being erad as a child?

These books are from 1985-1992. I remember very few of the names. I'm trying to find some type of listing because I would enjoy reading them to my daughters, Most of these books were read during elementary school. Are there any lists that they would be on? I found one of the books but I can't even remember the others. I don't know where to begin to search.

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    I'd look on amazon or ebay and go to the children's book section and type in 1980's or an exact year of publication.

    Also ask your local librarians. I am sure they would be happy to help.

    Here are some books that were popular in that era:

    The Boxcar Children Series

    anything by Beverly Cleary

    Otherwise known as Sheila the Great

    The Magic Locket

    Encyclopedia Brown series

    Cam Jansen series

    Amelia Bedelia series

    Berenstein Bears series by Stan and Jan Berenstein

    Mrs. Pigglewiggle series

    Charlie and the Choclate Factory

    Bruno and Boots series by Gordon Korman

    Ellen Tebbits

    Rotten Ralph series

    Frog and Toad series

    Harriet the Spy series

    Harry the Dirty Dog series by Gene Zion

    Frances series

    The Five Chinese Brothers

    The Elizabeth Gail series by Stahl

    The Shoe books by NOel Streatfield

    Garfield books

    Charlie Brown books

    Clifford the Big Red Dog books

    Me and the Terrible Two by Conford

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    Your best bet is to contact the elementary school. They may have records--or a teacher who was there at the time. Or they may be able to put you in touch with a former teacher.

    Failing that, try the school board--sometimes they provide lists of books for teachers to use--and are likely to have kept those records.

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    Great question. As a child, I read and read and read. I read so much that I did little else outside school. But, I too don't recall many of the books or authors. I am guessing but I suggest contacting the National Archives. They may be able to help you, and come to think of it me!

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    Why not ask us? Give as much info on each book as you can remember and then we might be able to track them down. I specialise in these questions being a children's librarian who loves to surf the Net in search of obscure children's book information. I am not the only one.

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    You can look on e-bay under childrens books and scroll through to see if you recognize any of the names, and you can try the same thing at or barns and noble.

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    Go to the children's section of the library. We still have those, you know.

    Your tax dollars pay for librarians to help you, too.

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    about halfway down this page there is a list of award winning children's books from that general time period.. hope it helps...

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