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19 year old birthday party!!?

what should i do for my 19 years old birthday party?! any fun ideas?


in new york city

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    I think you and some friends should go out to eat somewhere fun like...TGIF (Fridays) or Applebees...some place like that. Then go to see a movie. Have fun!

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    Hah this sounds way too familiar. Everyone is making such a big deal out of this.. trust me, it's not needed. I turned 20 about 2 weeks ago, and I had the exact same thing. To be honest, I don't know if it's the same case ofcourse, but I wouldn't get all too worried about it. My reason was that the change from being a 'teenager' going to 20 (which suddenly sounds like a lot more) was a bit.. hard to deal with. So I didn't celebrate, didn't want to see anyone, etc etc. because I considered the 'getting so old' (haha) part a negative thing and thus by far no reason to celebrate. If he has the same issue, then he'll be fine in a little bit. Don't worry about it. Ofcourse it's nice to atleast give him a gift, but you don't have to 'stick with him until you get to the root of it' because I'm about 95% sure there's nothing wrong besides what I just mentioned and that will pass. Nothing is more annoying than being bothered over and over again when nothing's wrong and you just need some time for yourself. Hope it helps. ^^ Congrats btw!

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    19 Year Old Birthday

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    Have a birthday party with a kids theme; sleepover, baby pictures and play a game to have everyone pick who the picture belongs to, pin the tail on the donkey, pinata, etc.- (the games for the first couple of hours) then unlimited food- pizza, chicken, nachos, and a cupcake cake instead of a large cake because of waste. Therefore, the first hours build up to the adult stuff.

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    buy him a 1.5 # canned ham smoked canned ham

    three boxes of Jello all the same flavor

    and tell him that's all his is getting and that you are going out with out them to enjoy their birthday

    tell them you are having a birthday party at one of these five bars and pick a pretty big area like maybe 25 - 50 miles lots of stop signs and lights so drive time takes a while to each one. just don't tell them which bar it is at until they find it and as soon they get there everyone gets up and leaves and drive to the closet bar to the birthday kids house. You will never have to give a birthday party again.

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    It's gonna sound a little stupid but a scavenger hunt but instead of listing items list the items as hints, like one thing on a deserted island you couldn't do without and give a point value based on what they bring back. My son is 17 and we did that and it was pretty creative. We ended it with a bon fire. Good luck

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    Depends on where you live:

    In San Francisco,someone had a b-day and I went to half moon bay and told ghost stories,had a potluck dinner and a bonfire and had some cake and hot chocolate.

    You can use a ouija board(the one where you talk to the ghosts)and have a bunch of your friends play with you!

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    get them on a treasure hunt and a one way tube ticket for the winner for any part of new york

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    Yes, get the hell out of there and let him have fun with the lads, might not want his sis cramping his style.

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    19, do it fashion.

    Invite your friends to dress elegant, if you drink wine do it with crystal and go to a ballroom to dance classic rhythms.

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