What is the purpose or benifit of using a shunt trip circuit breaker?

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    This is what this source said the purpose of them are;

    Some times it is advantageous to turn a breaker off from a remote location. To facilitate this task, an accessory called a shunt trip feature is installed by the manufacture inside of the breaker. This device consists of an electro-magnetic trip coil that is connected in series with an external field wired switch. When the switch contacts are closed, power is passed to the shunt trip coil causing the breaker’s mechanical latch to move to the open position. Re-closing the breaker is done by physically going to the breaker and manually moving the operating handle to the on–closed position.

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    What is the purpose or benifit of using a shunt trip circuit breaker?

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    Shunt Trip

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    As already stated a shunt trip is used to remotely trip circuit breakers.

    I've used them in the past as part of an emergency power off circuit for electrical safety. Hit a wall mounted mushroom switch and isolate the electrical circuit supplying equipment in that room or area.

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    a shunt trip breaker is one that can be turned off remotely. You might want to do this if you know someone comes in to clean something every day during a certain time. To keep them safe you use a shunt trip breaker with a remote control or timer to disconnect the power during these times.

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    Firstly I don't think the circuit breaker would be normally closed, it would require closing. If it trips on loss of power it requires a no volt coil and over current device, or other fault devices operating in series with the no volt coil to trip the mechanical latch to open it. This is known as a "No Volt" trip device. (Normally energised). (A "Shunt Trip" device is one that is normally de-energised and energises to trip the circuit breaker). The main object is to prevent power being restored to a circuit, after fault, to prevent harm to personnel and equipment until fault is resolved.

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    When the power fails, you may not want a circuit connected to the power line. For instance you might not want you load connected when the power comes back up, there might be power spikes that could affect your load.

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